The Perks of Working in Care

Choosing a career is one of the most significant decisions we make in our lives. Working in care provides unique and deeply fulfilling rewards.

Daily income and benefits

There are many benefits to expect when you work for Home Instead on top of your hourly rate. One of the benefits we provide is free access to a private GP anytime you need. We understand better than most how frustrating it can be to deal with your general practitioner, which is why we want our staff to have the best possible healthcare 24/7. We also provide reimbursement pay for the mileage you drive between visits as well as additional pay for the time it takes you to travel.

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Infographic showing average daily income breakdown for a GP. Totaling £72, with 5 hours spent with clients earning £53. - Home Instead

Making a difference

As Care Professionals work closely with the people they help, they develop meaningful and often profound connections. These relationships are built on trust, empathy, and understanding, making care a deeply human experience. Care Pros often witness the vulnerable side of those they care for, and in return, they are trusted with personal stories and experiences. The bonds formed between Care Pros and those they care for can be incredibly rewarding and can even last a lifetime. Many Care Pros cherish the memories of the people they have cared for, even long after their time together has ended.

The gratitude and appreciation expressed by those receiving care can be immensely rewarding for a Care Professional. Knowing that you are making a genuine difference in people’s lives can instil a sense of purpose and job satisfaction. Care Pros often receive heartfelt thanks from clients, and their families, recognising the impact they have on their lives. These expressions of gratitude serve as a constant reminder of the significance of their work and the positive influence they have on the people they care for.

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Why choose Home Instead?

You will find that most care companies don’t value the time of their staff or clients. Visits are often rushed so that the Care Professional can swiftly move on to the next visit, but this often results in less than adequate care and leaves the client unsatisfied as well as putting the Care Pro under pressure to get every task completed in time. At Home Instead we like to do things a little differently.

For starters our visits are at the very least one hour and are often longer, this means that there is plenty of time to ensure the client’s needs are met. We also make sure that there is plenty of time between visits so that the Care Professional does not feel rushed. Additionally our Care Pros are carefully matched with their clients to ensure that they will both enjoy each other’s company and on top of this, our Care Pros are always introduced to their clients before the first visit so they know what to expect and can provide the best care.

We believe in creating a supportive work environment for our staff. We understand that caregiving can be challenging, and our Care Professionals need a supportive and nurturing environment to thrive. We encourage our staff to enquire about any problems they face, and our office team is always available to listen and provide guidance and support to our care pros no matter how big or small the issue may be.

We also offer flexible work schedules to our Care Pros, which allows them to balance work with their personal lives. We understand that working in care can be demanding, and our staff need the flexibility to take care of their families and other responsibilities. We work with our staff to create schedules that work for them, ensuring that they can provide high-quality care while also taking care of their personal needs.

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