Empowering Positive Change in the Homecare Industry

Greg is an advocate for positive change aims and to raise the bar regarding professionalism and best practice, through participation in the NIHR's Homecare Research Project.

In the realm of health and social care, Homecare plays a pivotal role in reducing hospital stays, supporting individuals to lead independent lives in their own homes for as long as possible.

However, despite its importance, Homecare research has been relatively limited compared to other settings. This is where the National Institute of Health and Care’s (NIHR) ambitious research project comes into play.

The project aims to make a lasting impact in the Homecare sector across Kent, Surrey, and Sussex, which is exactly the reason Greg Brown, owner of Home Instead Reigate & Tandridge was eager to get involved, as he is passionate about enabling a positive change in the Homecare industry.

The NIHR’s Homecare Research Project

The NIHR’s expansion into social care, out-of-hospital, and non-NHS settings has given birth to the ENRICH initiative, which stands for “ENabling Research in Care Homes.”

The overarching goal is to create a research infrastructure that allows research to be conducted within Homecare services without burdening the caregivers or exacerbating existing challenges.

Aim of the Research Project

Together with the Homecare community, the project endeavours to enable and support providers in developing opportunities for research and innovation. The focus is on raising awareness of research, reaching out to care networks and providers, and ensuring the sector becomes “Research Ready.”

Key Objectives for the Next 12 Months

Raising Awareness:

The project aims to spread awareness about the importance of research within the Homecare industry.
Developing a Research Ready Toolkit: To integrate research seamlessly into Homecare services, the project will create a practical and accessible toolkit that enables providers to incorporate research into their practices effectively.

Identifying Opportunities for Research:

The team will collaborate with researchers and providers to identify existing research studies relevant to Homecare, including initiatives like Join Dementia Research (JDR) and Be Part of Research.

Empowering Homecare Providers:

As a member of the project group, Greg Brown brings guidance and expertise from within the Homecare industry. The project group’s responsibilities encompass providing feedback on progress, generating new ideas aligned with the project aims, and ensuring representation from various stakeholders, including care workers, clients, friends, family, and personal assistants.

Making a Difference:

Greg’s involvement in the research project goes beyond being a homecare agency owner. He is passionately committed to creating meaningful change in the Homecare industry by participating in research and innovation. With a focus on inclusivity, the project aims to design research studies that reflect the unique needs of Homecare recipients and providers.

Advocate for positive change in the Homecare sector

Greg Brown is an advocate for positive change in the Homecare sector and aims to raise the bar regarding professionalism and best practice.

His active participation in the NIHR’s Homecare Research Project demonstrates his dedication to empowering Homecare providers and clients alike.

With the project’s vision for research integration and meaningful impact, the Homecare industry in Kent, Surrey, and Sussex can look forward to a brighter future that enhances the well-being of all involved.

If being involved in this research is of interest to you, please contact Greg Brown and he’ll put you in touch with the appropriate person.