Keeping Community During COVID19

These are unprecedented times that we are living in and we have all had to adapt quickly to constantly changing circumstances. Here at Home Instead we continue to do our vital work, caring for our elderly clients.

It is important that even with the current situation we continue to support those who are most vulnerable. Here are our top tips for how everyone can support their local community.

1. Why not swap numbers with your elderly neighbours? Having a friendly daily phone call will help them to feel less isolated and will offer them some companionship.

2. Think about them at the supermarket. Our elderly neighbours may feel too afraid to venture outside. Perhaps you could arrange for them to put up a sign in the window when they are running low on essential items and then call once you have left them on their door step. They will appreciate the life line and this will help to alleviate worry.

3. Use technology to combat boredom. Show them how to use YouTube and similar channels, various streams are being set up to support us through the lock down; from concerts to theatre productions. Your neighbours may not know these are available or how to access them.

4. Stay vigilant. If you are concerned about the wellbeing of an elderly neighbour please do alert the relevant organisations. 

5. Be Kind. Don’t panic bulk buy essential or long life items, this will only prevent our most vulnerable from having access to the essentials they need. Don’t share inaccurate news that promotes fear, most people will recover from the virus, this is a time to protect our most vulnerable.

6. Take care of yourself! One of the best ways to protect others is to protect yourself. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds. If you start to feel unwell with a new cough or fever, don’t take the risk – self isolate for 7 days and keep up to date with the latest NHS advice. 

7. Get involved! If you want to do more, join our team of CAREGivers. Our team will continue to provide our elderly clients with the care that they so vitally need. Call us to find out how on 01564 741 620. 

If you know someone who you feel could use our support, if you you want to know more about how to join our team please call us on 01564 741 620