5 Not-to-Miss Venues in Portsmouth

Standing tall at 170 meters above the city, the iconic Spinnaker Tower is an unmissable sight and a symbol of Portsmouth's modernity.

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Standing tall at 170 meters above the city, the iconic Spinnaker Tower is an unmissable sight and a symbol of Portsmouth’s modernity. As you ascend to its viewing decks, be prepared to be mesmerized by breathtaking panoramic views of the city, the Solent, and beyond. The glass floor walkway provides an adrenaline-inducing experience, allowing you to look straight down to the ground below. Whether you visit during the day or witness the city lights come alive at night, the Spinnaker Tower promises an unforgettable and awe-inspiring experience.

Gunwharf Quays: Shop, Dine, and Explore

Adjacent to the Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf Quays is a vibrant waterfront destination that combines shopping, dining, and entertainment in one place. Importantly, they also work closely with us here at Home Instead Portsmouth to ensure that their environment is safe and welcoming, especially for older people and those living with dementia.

Browse through a range of designer boutiques, high-street brands, and outlet stores, offering everything from fashion and accessories to homeware and electronics. After indulging in some retail therapy, relax and recharge at one of the many waterfront restaurants or cafes. Gunwharf Quays is also home to a casino and a bowling alley for those seeking excitement, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Mary Rose Museum: A Glimpse into Tudor History

Step back in time at the Mary Rose Museum, where you can delve into the fascinating story of the eponymous Tudor warship. Discover the preserved remains of this 16th-century vessel, along with the astonishing collection of artefacts recovered from the sea. The museum provides an immersive experience, showcasing how life was on board for the crew and revealing the dramatic events leading to the ship’s sinking and eventual recovery. Unearth the secrets of the Mary Rose and gain insight into the maritime history that shaped Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: Timeless Maritime Heritage

No visit to Portsmouth is complete without exploring the renowned Historic Dockyard. This expansive site offers a captivating journey through centuries of naval history. Here, you can step aboard HMS Victory, Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, and explore its decks and cabins. Visit HMS Warrior 1860, the world’s first iron-hulled, armoured warship, and experience life at sea during the Victorian era. Additionally, the National Museum of the Royal Navy and the Action Stations interactive gallery provide further opportunities to delve into the city’s maritime legacy.

Southsea Castle and Seafront: Coastal Charm

Venture to Southsea and discover the historic Southsea Castle, built by Henry VIII to defend the Solent. Walk along the castle’s ramparts for stunning coastline views, and explore the underground tunnels that once housed ammunition and soldiers. Afterwards, stroll along the lively Southsea Seafront, where you can soak up the sun, enjoy a traditional ice cream, or challenge your friends to a game of beach volleyball. The seafront also boasts a vibrant amusement park, a model village, and a bustling pier, ensuring endless entertainment for visitors of all ages.