How we select the best Care Professionals for our clients

Discover how Home Instead Poole's detailed recruitment ensures the highest quality care in your own home for Poole, Sandbanks, and Ferndown communities.

Finding the best Care Professionals

At Home Instead in Poole, the heart of our exceptional home care lies within our team and our incredible Care Professionals who visit our clients in and around the town of Poole and our local suburbs and villages. 

Throughout the working week, our office team at our Poole location work hard to bring on board and retain these caring individuals, and we invest in their training and recognise their valuable contribution to our Home Instead family. This commitment shapes our recruitment process, and ensures peace of mind for the families whose loved ones we support.

Finding the best Care Professionals

A professional recruitment process

Our recruitment manager, Marilyn, has been the cornerstone of our recruitment process since 2013. Under her guidance, our local team reviews over 300 applications monthly. It’s a task we approach with great care, selecting those who demonstrate the potential to provide care that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Our Care Professionals all pass the “mum and dad test” – we would be happy for them to look after our own mum and dad.

Our approach is rooted in our values-based recruitment strategy. Experience in care is a bonus, but not a prerequisite, as we offer award winning training and ensure shadowing and mentoring to equip all of our team. What matters most to us are the values and personal traits of our applicants. We look for kindness, empathy, integrity, and a genuine passion for uplifting older adults’ lives. It is these values that enable us to deliver exceptional care at home for our clients.

All our Care Professionals are employed by us and we manage their pay, employment benefits and holidays. Every candidate undergoes a thorough screening process. Robust checks are a non-negotiable part of our onboarding. Reference verifications and DBS checks are meticulous, maintaining the high standards we hold. These processes are vital, helping us make informed decisions that protect and elevate the quality of our service.

People who care

We also get to know our team, so that we can match a Care Professional with a client, based on skills, experience, personality and also interests. This is about more than providing support, it’s about forging meaningful connections that enhance our clients’ lives and wellbeing with professional friendships. We celebrate the unique stories from different backgrounds that each Care Professional brings to the table. Our belief is that a varied team enriches the care we provide, embracing a variety of perspectives and experiences.

We are never static in our recruitment efforts. By staying in tune with health and care industry trends and introducing contemporary practices into our training, we not only attract the best candidates but also ensure that our Care Professionals are equipped to deliver best practice in home care.

People who care

Local care in Poole and surrounding areas

And for families considering home care services in the community of Poole, Sandbanks, and Ferndown, this robust recruitment and induction process means that you can trust in our local Care Professionals and office team for an unmatched standard of care. 

Learn more about our home care services by calling our friendly and professional team on 01202 853198. Or you can complete a form online to send an enquiry. For job opportunities please take the first step and apply online