Local Dementia Support in Poole: Connecting with Community

We explore local activities and support groups tailored for dementia care in Poole, and learn how Home Instead enhances the life of older adults with their expert care.

Dementia Care, Support in Poole

Living with dementia or caring for a loved one who does can often feel isolating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In Poole and our local area, there’s a strong network of activities and support groups designed to bring both older adults living with dementia and their families out of the shadows and into a welcoming community. Let’s explore some local lifelines that could help make the journey a bit lighter.

Dementia Care Support in Poole

1. Dementia-Friendly Cinema Experiences

The Lighthouse in Poole offers dementia-friendly cinema sessions where the lights are up a bit brighter and the volume a tad lower. The cinema is accessible on the ground floor, and there is also an interval in the middle of the screening. These staff are welcoming and the sessions provide a comfortable setting for older adults and their companions to enjoy the magic of films together.

2. Singing Groups that Strike a Chord

Music and singing have been known to have a profound effect on individuals with dementia, sometimes unlocking memories and emotions in ways that words cannot. In Poole many singing groups welcome older adults and The Alzheimer’s society holds a Singing for the Brain group twice a month, encapsulating the power of music in dementia care. Whether it’s age-old classics or something new, singing is an activity that can be a soothing and uplifting part of a weekly routine.

3. Carer Support Groups: A Network of Understanding

It’s not just those with dementia who need support – carers do as well. Across Poole, support groups provide a much-needed forum where carers can share experiences, advice, and compassion. It’s invaluable to connect with others who truly understand the journey you’re on, offering an outlet for concerns and a source of practical tips.

4. Home Instead’s Dementia Care at Home

For many families, the concept of a dementia care home isn’t quite right for their loved one. At Home Instead Poole, we understand this, which is why we specialise in dementia care at home. Our dedicated Care Professionals, trained specifically in dementia care, provide compassionate in-home support that respects the individual’s familiar surroundings and routines.

The benefit of the Home Instead approach is our personalised care tailored to each individual’s needs and interests. Whether that’s engaging in activities at home that stimulate cognitive function, or accompanying clients to local community events, the focus is always on enhancing quality of life.

At the core, we believe that if possible, everyone should have the opportunity to live well with dementia. Through both our own services and connecting families with local activities like those mentioned above, we aim to create a support network that makes a tangible difference. Fostering connections and continuing to partake in enjoyable activities is not just possible—it’s encouraged. 

Benefits of Dementia Care in Poole

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