5 Ways We Champion Personalised Dementia Care

This Dementia Action Week 2024 we celebrate our local team’s dedication to specialised Dementia Care, including ideas for reminiscing together.

It’s Dementia Action Week and an opportunity to shine a light on the unique challenges faced by those living with dementia and their families, and to celebrate the difference we at Home Instead Poole can make by providing compassionate and personalised care. 

This week, we spotlight five ways that our local team is making a difference in the lives of our clients who are living with dementia, with specialised care at home in and around Poole, Sandbanks, Ferndown and West Parley.

1. Training and resources for our home care team

All our Care Professionals receive specialised dementia training and have the opportunity to complete a Dementia Foundation Course with assured status by City and Guilds. This specialised training equips our team with knowledge, skills and understanding to provide the highest standards of dementia care to clients in our local area.

2. Utilising reminiscence as a tool in Dementia Care

Our Care Professionals are trained to engage clients in reminiscence activities, such as looking through photo albums, listening to favourite music, or revisiting treasured personal items. These activities are enjoyable and can help individuals connect with stories from their past and maintain their sense of identity.

Training and resources

Many older local people have vibrant memories of our area, that can spark interesting conversations and joyful reminiscing, for example:

  • Poole harbour and quayside: Poole Harbour has been a significant maritime hub, and the quayside could have been bustling with fishing boats, cargo ships, and possibly military vessels, depending on the year. Memories might include fishing, boating, or simply watching the ships come in and out.
  • Sandbanks: The Sandbanks Peninsula, known for its luxury properties today, was and remains a popular leisure destination. Locals might remember sunny days spent on its sandy beaches, swimming, building sandcastles, or enjoying picnics with family.
  • Brownsea Island: Brownsea Island is known for its wildlife, including the rare red squirrels, and its scouting history. A trip to Brownsea might have been a special excursion, involving a boat ride and perhaps participation in scouting events.
  • Local events and festivals: Poole has a rich tradition of local events which might include town fairs, markets, and festivals. Specific events like the Poole Carnival or traditional Christmas celebrations could be vivid parts of memories.
  • School life: Memories of school days, including the type of uniform worn, the subjects they studied, and the games they played during breaks. Schools like Poole Grammar School or Parkstone Grammar School could have been part of their daily life.

3. Personal connections through individual care

We understand the importance of routine and personal connections in Dementia Care. That’s why we focus on continuity and trust, and we achieve this by maintaining small, dedicated teams of our Care Professionals who provide regular home care visits. This approach ensures our clients consistently interact with familiar faces, providing comfort and helping maintain cognitive and emotional well-being.

4. Commitment to ongoing training

We use Dementia Action Week as an opportunity to highlight our commitment to the professional development of our staff at Home Instead Poole. Our Care Professionals and office team are encouraged to engage with the latest dementia care articles and training resources. By staying abreast of new insights and practices, we ensure that the care we provide is current and also increasingly effective.

5. Ensuring comfort in familiar surroundings

We prioritise enabling our clients to stay in their homes, where they are surrounded by their personal possessions and memories. This familiar environment serves as an anchor, reducing anxiety and promoting stability, which are vital for the well-being of individuals with dementia.

Personal connections to individual care

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By focusing on expert Dementia Care, continued education, and a deep understanding of the importance of familiarity and personal history, we strive to make a significant difference every day for our clients.

Are you or a loved one navigating the challenges of living with dementia and in need of compassionate, personalised care? At Home Instead Poole, we understand the importance of familiarity and expert support. Contact us today 01202 853198 to learn how our team can make a difference in your life, enhancing comfort and promoting well-being in the comfort of your own home.