10 Signs Your Aging Loved one May Need Home Care Support

As our family members grow older, they often require more assistance with their daily lives at home.

As our family members grow older, they often require more assistance with their daily lives at home. You might start noticing subtle indications that suggest they could benefit from a helping hand.

Here, we bring together the most common signs that it might be time to consider additional support. Home care services from Home Instead Poole can ensure your loved ones can continue to live happily, confidently, safely, and independently in the Poole, Ferndown, Oakdale, Hamworthy and Whitecliff areas.

Sometimes, elderly parents who have been self-sufficient for years may hesitate to ask for help out of fear of burdening their loved ones. They may feel embarrassed about struggling with certain activities, so it’s crucial to keep an eye out for these signs.

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A caregiver in a purple shirt smiles while handing a cup to an elderly man seated at a kitchen table. - Home Instead

1 Poor Personal Hygiene

Take note of your parent’s self-care routine. Is their hair often uncombed, teeth neglected, or are they showering infrequently? Perhaps their clothes don’t seem as fresh as usual? These could be signs they’re having trouble with personal hygiene. Approach this topic with sensitivity to avoid embarrassment.

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A caregiver in a purple uniform brushes an elderly person's hair in a bright room with large windows and white orchids. - Home Instead

2 A Decline in Household Maintenance

Keep an eye on household duties like unwashed dishes piling up, laundry accumulating, or a dirtier kitchen. Don’t forget the garden—overgrown lawns may also indicate difficulties. Also, check if they are properly caring for their pets. Neglecting home maintenance may be due to physical limitations or forgetfulness, signalling the need for home care services.

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An elderly woman and a young woman smile while looking at a book together in a cozy room with a window and curtains. - Home Instead

3 Unopened Letters

A stack of unopened letters, including unpaid bills, may suggest your loved one is struggling with financial responsibilities. Address this issue promptly to prevent utility service disruptions.

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Smiling woman sitting on a couch reading a magazine in a brightly lit, cozy living room with colorful decor. - Home Instead

4 Poor Financial Decisions

Be aware of atypical spending patterns, such as making purchases from shopping channels or engaging in excessive charitable donations. Participating in this kind of behaviour could potentially expose them to scams. It’s important to stay aware to ensure that they protect their financial or personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

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A woman and an older man sit at a table, smiling and looking at a tablet together, with coffee and pastries on the table. - Home Instead

5 Reduced Mobility

It is not uncommon for older individuals to experience reduced mobility, which can increase the risk of falls and potential injuries. Please be mindful of any unexplained bruises or challenges with rising from a chair, climbing stairs, or maintaining balance. Early recognition and support from home care services is crucial in addressing such signs.

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Older woman in a purple jacket smiling at a person holding a watering can in a garden setting. - Home Instead

6 General Confusion

As our loved ones age, it’s not uncommon for them to go through certain changes that can be a bit confusing. These changes may include losing track of time, experiencing different sleep patterns, or having occasional memory lapses. It’s important to approach these situations with understanding and compassion, as they can be unsettling for both them and their families. In some cases, individuals may experience challenges with remembering destinations or locations, especially when driving. It is always best that you approach this matter with utmost care, as it can evoke feelings of concern or defensiveness.

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Two women with glasses smiling and reading a book together; one is elderly in floral attire, the other in yellow with an ID badge. - Home Instead

7 Forgetfulness

It is important to consider that missing appointments, repeating themselves, or neglecting medications could potentially indicate the need for some extra support. 

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An elderly woman and a younger woman sit on a couch, smiling and holding hands, with tea cups on a tray in front of them. - Home Instead

8 Signs of Depression

It is not uncommon for older individuals to experience depression. It is important to pay close attention to any signs that your loved one may be experiencing, such as a lack of motivation, mood swings, feelings of hopelessness, frequent crying, or spending excessive time in bed. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance if you require it.

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A caregiver waves while assisting an elderly man in a wheelchair with a tablet in a cozy living room. - Home Instead

9 Unusual Behaviour

It is important to understand that individuals experiencing anxiety and confusion may exhibit behaviours that are out of the ordinary. Please be mindful of any clothing choices that may not be suitable, any instances of rudeness, any unusual phone calls, or any changes in their evening demeanour. Social withdrawal can sometimes be a sign that someone may benefit from additional support. We suggest fostering open communication to better comprehend their emotions and contacting Home Instead Poole for further assistance if needed.

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10 Loss of Appetite

Weight loss, dehydration, poor cooking habits, or skipping meals can sometimes occur due to challenges with cooking, difficulty reading recipes, or changes in sensory abilities. Check the fridge for any expired food, as it’s possible that they might forget to eat or go grocery shopping.

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Young woman in a maroon hoodie helps an older woman with a document at a desk, in front of a wooden wall. - Home Instead

If you notice these signs, have a compassionate conversation with your loved ones. Express your concerns and work together to find a solution. 

We’re here to help you or your loved ones continue living independently and confidently in your home in Poole, Ferndown, Oakdale, Hamworthy, Whitecliff or the surrounding areas. Our range of in-home care services, provided by Home Instead Poole, ensures support and functionality. Reach out to us for a discussion about your care options.

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A young woman and an older woman share a tender moment while looking at a plant in a greenhouse. - Home Instead