The Gift of Intergenerational Mixing

In June we had a return visit to Cadoxton School in Barry, along with a community partner Rise.

In June we had a return visit to Cadoxton School in Barry. We took along our community partners Rise to facilitate a lovely seated sports session for their Friday Intergenerational Group.

The group was split into 2 teams and it was a chance for the children to play alongside the adults in their lives. There was much fun had by all and the children did really well to stay seated throughout most of the games. Each Friday the school provides lunches for parents and children, alongside some dedicated older members of the local community.

Current funding levels makes it increasingly difficult to ensure high numbers of available adults are there for the children. This progressive and community minded school have realised that intergenerational mixing brings a gift to both the youngest and oldest of their community.

Janet Hayward – Head Teacher said, “Success brings success and this just continues to grow. Seeing the children learn new skills from the older generation is a source of pleasure and joy.” If you would like to get involved as a volunteer with Cadoxton School click here to contact them to find out more. If you would like speak to Home Instead about our companionship services, please call 02920 569483 to find out more today.