5 Best Local Parks & Gardens in Penarth and Barry

Being out in the fresh air is great for mental health and well-being. Why not visit so of our recommendations on local parks and gardens in Penarth and Barry.

As we go through life it is important to keep up an active lifestyle. Not only does this help to maintain physical abilities it can be great for the mind as well. Why not start to add a weekly park visit into your routine and if you enjoy it make it more regular.

Penarth and Barry have a lot to offer and plenty of places to go which will keep you and your elderly loved one or friend busy for weeks to come.

Porthkerry Country Park

This hidden gem is close to Barry Island. Porthkerry Country Park has acres of woodlands and meadows with leading to a pebble beach which you will be able to see spectacular views. There are a number of nature trails, picnic sites and a café. The picnic area is situated a sort distance for the cark parl. If you decide to visit again and again, it is worth looking at a season parking ticket. The park is very well known for the viaduct which has been a focus point in the park since 1890’s.

Dyffryn Gardens

In the Vale of Glamorgan you will find the gem that is Dyffryn Gardens. The Victorian mansion called ‘Dyffryn House’ overlooks the intimate and wooded gardens which you can explore. These Edwardian gardens are beautifully laid out and prefect to have a stroll around.  There is plenty of parking available on site which is free. The majority of gardens are wheelchair friendly and there are disabled toilets. Courtesy wheelchairs are available to hire if you book in advance. You will also find a café if you would like to have a stop for a bite to eat.

Parade Gardens

In Barry you will find the small, but still rather great in our opinion, Parade Gardens. You will be able to see over Barry Harbour towards Barry Island. Just like Dyffryn Gardens, they are laid out in an Edwardian times to complement the surrounding houses. There are plenty of benches to sit and enjoy the gardens partially on a sunny day.

Cosmeston Lakes

Situated in Penarth you will find the beautiful Cosmeston Lakes. Cosmeston is open all year round and is designed for people with all abilities to enjoy. The park has been open to the public since 1978 and in a haven for wildlife.

The paths are flat and easily accessible. There are two main lakes which have an impressive number of swans and other birds. With parking for a small cost and a café what more do you want!

Alexandra Park

In the Vale of Glamorgan, Penarth, sits Alexandra Park which has an attractive location overlooking the Bristol Channel. The park retains many of its original features and was first designed in 1901. It has a bandstand, sculptors and war memorials. There is seating around the park and a car park close by. Although there is no café in the part you are very close to the town of Penarth which have a number of shops and cafes.

There is plenty of green open spaces in Penarth, Barry and the Vale to take your loved ones out for a healthy walk and explore the area. You have so much choice to choose from. Pick one to start with and plan to make your way through all of them. Which will be your favourite?

Find out more about the benefits of home care in Penarth and Barry for your elderly loved ones or get in touch today if you’d like to know if it could be right for you.