Partnership with Barclays

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Barclays Digital Eagles that will give our care teams access to online training on all things digital. This knowledge will then be shared by our Care Professionals with their clients and clients’ families.

The partnership will also create a number of Community Influencers across our network who will go on to share the learnings with the broader community too.

The announcement of this latest partnership comes as we unveil new research, conducted for Home Instead, which polled 1001 over 65s.  This showed that nearly half (46%) could benefit from education and support around technology to help them stay connected and access services such as online shopping.

Speaking about the partnership, Martin Jones, CEO of Home Instead said, “The pandemic taught us many things, one of which was the importance of connectivity – and that applies to all of us.

“The research was commissioned as we wanted to gain a better understanding of how technology had been used and, importantly, the barriers to its use.

“We have been able to show that it’s often a simple lack of knowledge and confidence that is holding so many people back. That’s something we are really keen to change.”

The study also showed that tech-savvy seniors fared better than their tech-fearing counterparts when it comes to feeling connected to their loved ones.

Liam Mitchell,  Head of Learning,  Barclays Digital Eagles said, “In the last year, many of us have depended on technology more than ever to go about our daily lives and stay connected to friends and family. However, we know there are people, particularly older age groups, who don’t feel as confident and therefore aren’t getting the most out of the benefits that digital can bring.

“The Barclays Digital Eagles are passionate about empowering communities across the UK to be more confident with technology, which is why we’ve partnered with Home Instead to provide tailored resources and training that can help their clients and families feel confident and safe using technology to stay in touch and enhance their day to day lives.”

Barclays Digital Eagles will make available a suite of online learning tools for the team at Home Instead that can be easily accessed by our local office teams.

Partnership with Barclays