4 Interesting Places to Visit in Oxford

Oxford is a rich tapestry of history, interesting architecture and fun things to do to spend a day or a part of the day. Check out these suggestions below:

When it comes to finding things to do In Oxford there’s a plethora of interesting things to do, whether that would be something to do with history, interesting architecture, and renowned museums. Oxford’s city centre is home to some of the most beautiful architecture and history, all it takes is knowing where to find these, at times hidden gems, our suggestions are only a few of these amazing things you can do in the wonderful city of Oxford:

  1. The Pitt Rivers Museum

Founded in 1884 the Pitt Rivers Museum has a huge collection displaying the archaeological and anthropological collections of the University of Oxford. Located near to the University of Oxford Museum of Natural History the Pitt Rivers Museum houses an astounding collection of highly interesting artifacts and of course the famous shrunken heads exhibition. Throughout the year there are all sorts of different exhibitions open to the public focussing on a range of interesting topics and items to discover.


  1. Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

Older than the Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum was founded in 1683 and is famous around the world for its astonishing collection ranging from Egyptian Mummies to contemporary art. With free entry to this Museum there’s a huge range of things to explore and learn from. The Ashmolean not only ticks all of the boxes for Oxford’s history buffs, if you’re in to your architecture the building itself is a sight to behold and with the free entry price tag, what’s not to like!


  1. Bodleian Libraries

This must-see cultural destination in the Heart of Oxford was founded by Sir Thomas Bodley and officially opened in 1602. Over the years the library has become one of the largest academic library systems in the UK. The Bodleian Libraries offers guided tours of the library and the City, free exhibitions that are open every day at the Weston Library, all of this are backed up by a great little Shop and Café with exclusive literary themed gifts and tasty snacks and drinks in the Café!


  1. The Oxford Artisan Distillery

For all you Gin and spirit drink lovers out there The Oxford Artisan Distillery is an absolutely fantastic stop on your tour of Oxford. Taking you behind the scenes of the creation of their popular drinks from the ground up. Take a tour around the distillery and discover what it takes to produce some of Oxford’s great Gins and spirits. You can also check out their bar where they served their expertly crafted spirits with brilliantly mixed drinks to set these drinks out of this world! Book on to their tours and discover for yourself!


This is just a short snapshot of what is available in Oxford to spend some time doing some interesting things. Ranging from history, architecture to food and drink make sure you bookmark this page to check off all these things off!

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