In Conversation with the Directors of Home Instead Nottingham: Dedication in Home Care

Natasha: What inspired you to manage Home Instead in Nottingham?

Amar Shah, Dawud Ahmad, Harmeet Sehmi: As health professionals, we’ve always had a deep-rooted commitment to healthcare and social care. Our motivation comes from caring for individuals and positively influencing their lives. After researching Home Instead Nottingham, we were captivated by the potential to contribute to this fantastic team.

Natasha: How did you initially become involved with Home Instead?

Directors: Our medical backgrounds naturally gravitated us towards an organisation that paralleled our commitment to delivering superior care. We recognised a shared aspiration with Home Instead to enhance people’s lives, and we wanted to be part of that mission.

Natasha: How do you ensure your team delivers the highest quality care to your clients?

Directors: The key lies in the integral role of training. We have established processes to recruit and train Care Professionals to the highest standards. We look for individuals who genuinely wish to care for our clients. Being part of Home Instead’s global family, we have excellent support and guidance from our National Office, which ensures top-quality training.

Natasha: Could you describe the values underpinning Home Instead’s services, and how you integrate these principles into your operations?

Directors: We centre our work on openness and honesty, inner confidence, respect and dignity, and focus. We create a safe space where team members can openly and honestly discuss any situation. We emphasise individual and team growth, problem-solving, breaking through barriers, and treating everyone with the highest respect and dignity.

Natasha: How do you build and maintain relationships with your clients and their families?

Directors: We endeavour to establish strong relationships with our clients and their families. Our field supervisors carry out quarterly visits to review our services and ensure client satisfaction. We also organise social events for our clients and maintain open lines of communication to address any concerns promptly.

Natasha: Can you share an instance when your team or a Care Professional went above and beyond for a client?

Directors: Every day, our team and Care Professionals make special efforts. However, the moments that stand out are when a client passes away, and the team comes together to celebrate their life. The memories shared and the emotions expressed during such times are deeply humbling.

Natasha: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for Home Instead in the coming years?

Directors: Our goal is to reach as many people as possible. We aspire to provide exceptional care to make life easier and happier for our clients. We also aim to train and develop as many Care Professionals as possible to the highest standard. We believe in individual growth and want each team member to have the opportunity to develop within the team.

This is just a glimpse into the dedicated leadership behind Home Instead Nottingham. Stay tuned for more blog posts featuring insightful interviews with more members of our fantastic team coming soon.

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