Wendy's 10 Year anniversary at Home Instead Norwich

Wendy from Sprowston marks her 10 year anniversary caring for the elderly at Home Instead Norwich

We are celebrating Wendy’s 10 year work anniversary, caring for the elderly at Home Instead Norwich this month.

Wendy’s ability to connect with her elderly clients on a personal level has created a profound sense of trust and comfort making her an integral part of their lives. Wendy’s clients are not just recipients of care, they are companions. Wendy empowers her clients to lead fulfilling lives to live in the comfort of their own home.

We asked Wendy if she had any stand out moments in her career. Wendy responded “I have had many stand out moments with my clients, I have enjoyed working with each and every one of them. They have all been so lovely to support, and I am honoured to be a part of their lives”

Caring for older adults often comes with navigating complex health issues and emotional challenges. Wendy has turned challenges in to opportunity for growth and connection with her passion and commitment to caring for the elderly in Norwich.

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