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Home Instead Northwich is an award-winning home care company offering the best home care services throughout Northwich, Knutsford, Hartford & Great Budworth.

We've helped thousands of families to stay safe, comfortable and happy at home. Whatever situation you're facing, or whatever the question is, Home Instead is here to help.

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Quality Care Provided in The Comfort of Your Home

Care is often necessary for those who require assistance in their daily lives, but not everyone is suited to or ready for residential care.

Everyone should be able to stay at home surrounded by their belongings and precious memories for as long as they possibly can. Our goal is to help you make that happen for you or your loved one.

At Home Instead Northwich, we offer personalised care packages as a real alternative to residential care homes. Each care package we provide is tailored to the individual’s needs and requirements. We have home care services that can support everyone to get the best out of their lives. 

To us, it’s personal.

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Home Instead Home Care Professionals

Home Instead Care Pros are a dedicated team of carers who provide dignified home care services to people in the familiar surroundings of their own homes. 

Our Care Professionals help us offer numerous types of care that are flexible and tailored specifically for everyone’s needs. Services, such as dementia care, live-in care, overnight, and personal care are all available to people living in Northwich, Knutsford, Hartford, Great Budworth and the surrounding areas. From bathing and dressing to cooking and cleaning, we carry out each service with the same quality of care.

We’re all unique people with different preferences and needs, which is why we match our care professionals to our clients, using our person-centred approach. This means we match each Home Instead Care Professional to the client’s needs and personal interests. 

Your bespoke care plan will be unique to your needs and your home so that you can focus on what matters most and enjoy the support of a Care Professional who knows precisely how to help.

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Dementia Care at Home

When someone receives a diagnosis of dementia, it can bring up many different feelings. With so many different types of dementia, knowing a person’s exact needs and deciding on what type of care is right for that person may not be simple. 

In residential care homes, a person with Dementia may see many carers in one day, which can be challenging for both the client and the carers involved. Care from the familiar surroundings of home and seeing the same faces every day has been proven to make a real difference to the lives of people with Dementia. 

People with dementia may progress quicker in unfamiliar surroundings, which is why Home Instead Northwich offers specialist care for people with dementia. Care recipients and their families can have peace of mind that all aspects of their lives are considered. We can help with social life and maintaining personal hygiene; home care may even be able to help improve cognitive function in some cases.

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Live-in Home Care Services

For people that require more than a check-in visit, Home Instead Northwich provides Live-in care, which offers continuous assistance at a moment’s notice from the comfort of the client’s home.

Our live-in care is tailored to your specific requirements, habits, preferences and home. Live-in Carers can help with all domestic tasks, and personal care needs as well as accompany care recipients on errands and social visits. 

We want to allow you and your loved ones to focus on the most essential thing in the world; enjoying quality time together. 

Contact us today if you would like to find out more about our Live-in care services.

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In-home Personal Care Services

Home Instead Northwich offers Personal Care Services for clients that require a little more help with certain activities.

Whether it’s assisting with personal hygiene or checking home safety to avoid preventable injuries, our skilled and attentive Care Pros value your health and work hard to give you more—more convenience, more security, and more peace of mind. 

Home Instead Northwich covers a wide range of personal care responsibilities, including but not limited to;

  • Assistance with moving in and out of the house
  • Bathing, dressing, grooming, and oral care 
  • Assistance with meals and meal preparation
  • Bathroom assistance
  • Assistance with writing letters, reading, and artistic activities
  • Help with treating the symptoms of dementia like memory loss, confusion and forgetfulness.
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Home Care that Benefits the Family

Home care can benefit the entire family; it’s not only intended to directly look after the care recipient. Home care also provides reassurance for family members that know you are receiving the best assistance. People can get back to spending quality time with their loved ones without worrying if they need help or support.

Many people hire home care initially to assist them or a loved one with everyday tasks such as cleaning, changing beds, vacuuming, and meal preparation, but there are numerous applications for home care. Social activity is an important part of being an adult, but it can be challenging for an adult that requires care and assistance to maintain their social life. With Home Instead Northwich, care professionals can accompany you visiting your beloved family and friends, leaving no compromise to your social activities and daily activities.

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Speak to our Professional Care Team

When choosing a home care service, it’s important to get the right service for the right person. Speak to our care team and they will be able to help you choose which type of care would suit your needs best and ensure that they have all the information needed for their care assessment process.

For further information on how we can assist your loved one, contact our team on 01606800101 or use the form below to arrange a call back at a time that’s more convenient to you.

Our care team is available seven days a week, and they can help you find the right home care service for your needs.

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