The 5 Best Local Parks and Gardens in Northwich

Give your seniors a breath of fresh air on your next outing; take them to these top recommended local parks and gardens in Northwich.

As you get older it gets more and more important to keep up an active lifestyle, helping your joints and muscles keep their strength. Getting seniors to maintain a physical aspect to their daily routines can be tricky at the best of times, so a very easy yet effective way to get them out and about is a daily or weekly park visit.

Northwich has plenty of those to offer, so we’ve selected a list of our recommended local parks to take your seniors.

Vickersway Park and Cafe

Located within the centre of Northwich just across the River Dane and Chinkers Field, Vickersway grew up around the old green and has been enjoyed by the locals for generations. It’s extremely easy to get to on Vickers Way (the road where the park got its name), and features lots of surfaced paths along which to walk and enjoy the scenery.

There’s an outdoor gym and mini golf course if your seniors are feeling especially active that day, and a fully stocked café can also be found on site to provide light lunches and drinks. Picnic tables nearby provide plenty of seating, and benches are evenly distributed among all the paths.

Verdin Park

Found off the A533 and south of the Victoria Infirmary, Verdin Park is a pleasant little park tucked away in the western half of Northwich. As a more family orientated park it possesses a sizable playground and is often enjoyed by parents with young children, however there is plenty for seniors to enjoy as well.

Flower beds, wooded pathways and river-side walks abound in Verdin Park, with all the main walkways being completely paved and well maintained. Likewise, there are plenty of benches offering views of all the best bits of the park.

Given the size of the green, Verdin Park is often the site to numerous gatherings and events, such as fairs and festivals. Keep an eye on the Northwich Town Council calendar to see if anything is going on while you’re visiting.

Griffiths Park

Journey a little way east out of Northwich toward the village of Rudheath, and you’ll stumble across the hidden gem that isGriffiths Park. Composed of several fields that have been allowed to return to the wild a little, it’s a fantastic spot for ramblers and dog walkers alike.

Although a little more rough-and-tumble than most of the other parks on this list, it more than makes it with the number of pathways and nooks to explore. The paths are all clearly marked out and surfaced as well, offering plenty of accessible routes for those able to walk. That said, as all those paths are gravel, it may not be well suited for seniors using wheelchairs or mobility scooters. For those who aren’t bothered by this, however, Griffith Park provides some of the best rambling paths in town. Find the main entrance just off Middlewich Road by the Co-op and MOT centre.

Anderton Nature Park

North of the River Dane, theAnderton Nature Park encompasses part of Mersey Forest and as a result covers quite an extensive bit of land. Along with Furey Woodland and Carey Park on either side of the fork in the river, this provides plenty of avenues for exploration and exercise.

If you’re worried about another wilderness ramble like Griffiths Park, don’t worry. Much of Anderton is developed and consists of more typical parkland, with tended gardens and well-maintained pathways. Benches are spaced across these paths, offering plenty of places to sit and enjoy the surrounding scenery, while the numerous routes along the river also give healthy fishing opportunities as well.

All the paths are accessible, making it popular with visitors of all ages. Toilets can be found at the boat lift and the on-site café. Should your seniors be in the area around lunchtime, there’s also a dedicated area for picnicking. Find the entrance north of central Northwich off Lift Lane.


Grozone is a community garden found in the middle of Northwich proper and provides green spaces and horticultural workshops to the local community. There’s lots going on throughout the year and the gardens can get very busy with groups and community programmes. That said, Grozone has made it its mission to provide an oasis of calm and tranquillity for anyone who visits, so your seniors should find plenty here too.

As well as the gardens, vegetable plots and flower beds, all of which are pleasant to walk through any time of the year, Grozone offers numerous activities for its visitors. If your seniors are interested in getting involved as well as enjoying the gardens, be sure to check out the website to find out more. Otherwise, you can expect to find a perfect setting for some serene garden walks in this little niche of green cut into the heart of Northwich; find it in Old Danes Nursery off Vickers Way by the River Dane.

As you can see, Northwich has plenty of parks to take your seniors out for a healthy walk away from the noise and clutter of town. Whether you’re looking for community events, aimless rambles or simply a pleasant place to sit and watch the world go by, your seniors will be spoilt for choice.

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