Libraries and Galleries to Enjoy Around Northwich

Enjoy a trip down nostalgia lane (and have a good rummage) by taking your seniors on a trip to explore these vintage and antique shops in and around Northwich.

Enjoy the simplest and most culturally rich of pleasures by taking your seniors out to explore local libraries and art galleries in and around Northwich.

Settling down with a good book remains one of life’s most enduring pleasures. Another is looking upon a work of art and having a moment of epiphany as the swirl of colour, the dramatic shapes or sharp contrasts moves the soul.

Art is arguably one of the most human activities we can engage in. Some would go so far as to call it divine. It’s something all should enjoy, your seniors most of all. As people grow older it’s easy to overlook these pleasures. However, reading books and engaging in artwork are both highly rewarding activities that can keep the mind stimulated, encourage further learning and help manage more positive emotional and mental health. It’s also remarkably easy to do thanks to the existence of public libraries and galleries, and staying mentally and socially active may even help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Enrich the minds and souls of your seniors (and yourself) by heading out to explore the local libraries and art galleries around Northwich.

Northwich Library, Witton Street

Northwich Library is the town’s public library, and forms an important hub in the town’s cultural life. In addition to the usual library services such as lending books and multimedia, the library also plays host to numerous events and activities.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting new book for your seniors to get into, or perhaps a seminar or arts and crafts workshop, there’s always something going on in the library. Having fun isn’t hard when you have a library card, as the saying goes!

Found in central Northwich on Witton Street, just off Meadow Street, Northwich Library is usually housed in a very attractive historic building. As of the time of writing, however, the library is currently being renovated, and so has been relocated to the Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse on London Road in southern Northwich. Keep an eye on the library’s website to keep updated on current renovation and location news.

Take in a wide variety of styles and media with this community-led art gallery just a short drive away down in Winsford Cross Shopping Centre. Identifying itself as a “community led art gallery, workshop, and maker space,” Crosshatch is a wonderful spot to admire the varied output of local artists in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Because of the nature of the gallery portion of Crosshatch, its displays vary enormously depending on what the community have been recently working on. You could see mixed media scrapbooking, miniature crochet worlds, ceramics, watercolour paintings, or even soap bar art, depending on when you visit. Even better, you can join their interactive workshops which are subsidised and price-capped at £5 for two hours, which is a great way to really get involved in the creative side of enjoying artistic endeavours. Or just pop in to have a nose about and chat to the friendly staff about the work on display!

As it sits within Winsford Cross there is plenty of accessible parking around the town, including the nearby Asda multistorey, as well regular bus services from Northwich. Do be aware that the public toilets are currently closed, though, so you may need to nip over to the Asda or nearby Wetherspoons as the nearest conveniences, which may not be ideal for some elderly visitors.

Weaver Hall Museum & Workhouse, London Road

As of the time of writing, Weaver Hall Museum & Workhouse is the temporary venue for Northwich Library. However, books are definitely not the only reason to visit this historic Northwich building, found south of the main town centre on London Road near the Bowling Green pub.

As well as a temporary library, the Weaver Hall is also a museum and an art gallery. Having collected pieces from all of Northwich’s modern history, including frequent displays of both historic and modern artworks. You could easily spend the better part of an afternoon seeing all that Weaver Hall has to offer, so it’s worth dropping in to see what they’ve got on display that day.

Weaver Hall also forms something of a community hub, and often hosts events and festivals celebrating Cheshire’s history and diverse communities. The building is wheelchair accessible and provides parking on site, including disabled bays, while the friendly staff are also always on hand and happy to assist where needed.

Barnton Library, Barnton

A short drive outside of Northwich, just north-west up the A533, and right next to Rosebank School you can find the village of Barnton and another public library operated by the local council.

Much like Northwich Library, Barnton’s provides book and multimedia lending services and a wide variety of community activities pretty much every day of the week. It’s not quite as busy as the central town’s library can sometimes be, so it may be a better alternative if your seniors don’t want the hassle and stress of going to the centre of town, or just prefer quieter and less bustling spaces.

Parking behind the library is free of charge, and there is one disabled space provided.

The Marbury Lady, Blakemere

Take the A556 down to the south west of Northwich and you’ll come across the charming village of Blakemere. Here, you can find the Marbury Lady iPhone Photography Gallery.

As the name suggests, this focus of this gallery is in photography, specifically photography done with iPhones and other smart phone devices. The majority of pieces were made by the store’s owner, who specialises in catching stunning photos of Cheshire and its beautiful countryside and parks. If you’re looking for local artists and artwork, then this is an excellent place to come and visit.

As well as the gallery, the Marbury Lady also sells prints of its more dazzling photos and pieces. All are available at good prices and can make for a fantastic way to add a bit of natural colour to someone’s home (not to mention a talking point for the grandkids).

It’s been well established that engaging in the arts and literature is an excellent way to promote positive mental health and handle stress. As people get older their mental health as well as physical health becomes ever more important, so carers need to be creative and proactive in providing suitable outlets and activities for their seniors.

Northwich has numerous resources and venues that can provide inspiration for budding artists and book lovers of all ages, so make the most of it and get your elderly loved ones out there.

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