Garden Centres To Visit In & Near Northwich

It’s hard to beat a combination of light shopping and greenery for an enjoyable day out with older people, so try these garden centres near Northwich.

Whether rain or shine, garden centres are one of the best places in the UK to spend some quality and relaxing time. There’s enough going on to keep anyone with even the remotest interest in the outdoors alert and interested, but these places generally lack the urgent hustle and bustle of conventional shopping centres or department stores which also makes them ideal when you want to get out and have a potter around somewhere a bit calmer and quieter.

A lot of older people like to get into gardening, whether just a succulent or two in a pot on the windowsill to full-on planting and growing, so taking seniors out to a local garden centre in Northwich can be a lovely outing with something for everyone to enjoy.

Weaver Vale Garden Centre

Off the A553 down Winnington Avenue, just opposite the turnoff into Armitage Way, Weaver Vale Garden Centre is less than five minutes from central Northwich. A self-proclaimed “plant paradise,” it is mostly undercover which is great for rainy day excursions, and you can also bring dogs along to both the centre itself and the outdoor seating area.

As well as the extensive plant nursery, Weaver Vale also has a crafting and clothing shop which includes a good range for pets. You can grab a cuppa and a snack or light lunch (or breakfast) at the Topiary Coffee Shop while you’re there, plus there’s free wifi on offer to visitors.

The entire centre is nice and flat so accessibility for the less mobile is easy, and there’s plenty of seating around to take a load off. Some of the outside is gravelled, which can be trickier for wheelchairs, but there are paved paths around the entire area as well as onsite disabled facilities to make life easier. All in all a lovely spot for an afternoon of pottering about, followed by a nice cup of tea and slice of homemade cake.

Marbury Nurseries

Modelled after an old Victorian walled garden, Marbury Nursery is an absolute paradise for plant-lovers. Sitting in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, it is between the small villages of Comberbach and Anderton just half a mile from the famous Anderton boat lift under a quarter of an hour’s drive from central Northwich.

All kinds of plants are available here, from bamboo and tree ferns to English perennials, shrubs, trees and flowers. There’s even a special section that houses plants designed to thrive indoors or in a conservatory, and the whole place is family run by professional green thumbs so there’s always an expert on hand if you need to ask anything, although do bear in mind that this is an old-fashioned “pure” garden centre so there’s no cafe or any other homeware-type shopping, just plants, plants, and more plants!

If you’ve got a senior gardening nut or plant lover who wants a place to explore and ask lots of questions, Marbury is an excellent spot. Find it on Marbury Road near Budworth Mere; the turnoff is just up from the bus stop and there are plenty of benches nearby for a sit down. You can always pop up to the nearby Milk House for a drink once you’re all greenery-ed out, and the centre is also very close to the lovely picnic spots and other facilities at Marbury Country Park.

Plumley’s Garden Centre

Around a twenty minute drive from central Northwich, Plumley’s Garden Centre is owned and run by the Yates family, who’ve been in the garden business since 1935 and count an award winning garden designer amongst them, so it’s a great place to go for starter advice or just a natter with someone who has real experience.

As well as the plants and landscaping on offer, there’s a lovely garden and gift shop onsite which carries everything from garden care essentials to logs and kindling, house plants and even bird feeding supplies. The gift shop contains items from both well-known and local indie designers so is not only nice to look through but also a good place to find gifts – even for non-gardeners! There’s even a cosy coffee shop for a cuppa and some cake, or a heartier lunch and dinner menu which includes vegan and vegetarian options, all made with healthy local produce.

You can find Plumley’s on Plumley Moor Road, just off the northbound B5081 as it passes through the village of Smithey Green. Everything is easy to access for the less mobile, including in wheelchairs, and there’s plenty of seating both inside and outdoors as well as lots of cover over the plants for rainier days.

Stonyford Cottage Gardens & Plant Nursery

Nestled beside and around a tranquil lake, Stonyford Cottage Gardens is an exceptionally pretty little oasis in the middle of the Cheshire countryside. It sells a wide range of bedding and patio plants to brighten up any outdoor space, and has an onsite tea room with a good selection of drinks, lunch, snacks and delicious home-made cakes. As if that wasn’t enough it also plays host to the local Open Air Theatre, for a little Shakespearean culture alongside the begonias.

If the plant nursery isn’t enough to satisfy flower-hungry seniors, the cottage gardens (which do charge a small fee to enter) are a woodland wonderland of winding paths and picturesque monet-style bridges once you step through the gated archway entrance. It was named one of the Top Ten Gardens to visit by the Daily Telegraph and consistently makes the lists of Cheshire’s best gardens, so is well worth a visit.

Find Stonyford Cottage, and its haven for garden and wildlife lovers, on Stoneyford Lane by Manor Pool, north of Chester Road outside Cuddington. It’s easy to navigate at all levels of mobility, and there are tons of benches placed in convenient and thoughtful locations around the gardens so that weary older legs can take in the best views while having a recuperate.

Fryer’s Garden Centre

A little further afield, just under twenty-five minutes’ drive from central Northwich, is Fryer’s Garden Centre. Part of the Blue Diamond chain, it is particularly known for its extensive range of beautiful, locally-bred roses, so fans of the genus Rosa will consider this a must-see location! There’s plenty of other shopping to do around the centre, from houseplants to gifts, clothes, and homewares, and patio enthusiasts will probably also want to have a look at the Westminster Paving Collection which lays out displays of natural and man-made stone to inspire outdoor design.

There is plenty of cover for wetter days along with lots of places to sit, and the centre is largely flat and free of steps so not difficult to navigate if less mobile or using a wheelchair. Stop by the onsite Rosary Restaurant for breakfast, brunch, or snacks, including vegetarian and gluten-free options, all made from locally-sourced produce.

You can find Fryer’s just off the A50 between Knutsford and Mere, right next to the Cotton Hotel & Spa and just south of the Gauntlet Birds of Prey Centre (which as it happens is also a great spot for an outing for seniors who want to get more up close with the feathery parts of the natural world).

Whatever the weather, a trip to a local garden centre in or around Northwich is a great option for seniors and carers to have a relaxing and low-exertion day that mingles shopping and a sit down with a good cuppa and a taste of nature. Most places are flat and well-covered with lots of benches and seating, so ideal for the less mobile, and many will also have seasonal events and decor to lend an extra bit of excitement to a spur of the moment day out.

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