Bargain Lunch Spots In and Around Northwich

Take your seniors for an outing and a spot of lunch without breaking the bank, with our tips for the best bargain lunch spots in and around Northwich.

Taking an elderly loved one out for lunch is a tried and true method for getting them out of the house, into the public, and engaging in much needed social activity. It’s very easy, especially during the colder time of the year, to retreat into your home and refuse to do anything outside the comfort of the living room. However, seniors who are encouraged to go outside frequently and keep themselves active enjoy greater physical and mental health, helping to manage conditions from arthritis to dementia.

There’s no need for fine dining experiences either. There are fantastic dinners that can be had at places that not only satisfy the appetite but the wallet too! Treat your seniors to an unforgettable luncheon and take them out into Northwich, where we’ve narrowed down some of the best places to enjoy a pleasant meal out.

Vinnies, Market Street

For those with a sweet tooth, Vinnies has a great selection of cakes and shakes on offer. Take a look at any of their social media, and you’ll find very attractive sweets and cakes on full display. However Vinnies doesn’t just operate as a bakery, but offers lots of light lunches and hot food as well.

The café, found on Market Street, is popular with local residents for its cheerful and friendly staff, excellent food and very reasonable prices. They also provide catering services in case you’re ever looking for someone to provide for special events and functions. It’s a brilliant place to take your seniors for a cup of tea, a slice of cake, and maybe a sandwich or some soup. A vegan menu is also provided.

Be mindful that there is a step up to the entrance, so seniors with wheelchairs or who have difficulty walking may need assistance. However once inside there is plenty of seating and the staff are always happy to assist where they’re needed.

The Bowling Green, London Road

Located in a very handsome 17th century building, The Bowling Green specialises primarily in pub food and roasts. We think that the steaks you can get here are some of the best in Northwich.

As it’s more of a pub than a restaurant its portions are very large and it also offers platters and sharers as well if you’re looking to split between several people at once. You can get a three plate tappers for just under £14, in addition to roast meats, salads and burgers.

While the building, just off London Road, is historic, being built in 1606, it has since been renovated to make it fully accessible to all guests. Wheelchair users will have no issue moving in and around the Bowling Green, while the eating area itself receives plenty of light and has lots of space between tables. Staff are noted to be friendly and attentive, so feel free to approach them if you need anything else.

Charlie’s Café, Witton Street

Independent and locally run, Charlie’s Café is a quintessentially old fashioned dining experience offering plenty of charm and is easy to find centrally on Witton Street.

The whole café spills out onto the street to offer outdoor continental-style seating if you fancy some sunshine, while inside the dining areas are all clean, bright and easily navigable. Its portions are very generous, and you can get anything from traditional English fried breakfasts, to salads, to light cakes and sandwiches. Whether you’ve got a senior with a light appetite just looking for a quick cup of tea, or want something a little heavier, Charlie’s Café can get it sorted.

The staff at Charlie’s are well known for giving their service an extra little personal touch, so be sure to have a chat with them in advance if you’re looking to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasions.

Harry’s Fish Bar, Albert Place

Fish and chips are always a great pick for lunch, no matter the time of day or year!

Harry’s Fish Bar has been serving the people of Northwich for the past thirty years and has a well earned rep for offering some of the best fish and chips in town. Their prices are very reasonable as well, with you easily being able to get a large portion of chips and a burger or some fish for just around a fiver. If you’re not really in the mood for fish and chips, though, they also provide other take away meals such as pizzas, hot dogs and kebabs.

Although very affordable and offering great variety, be advised that Harry’s Fish Bar doesn’t provide seating – it’s collection and take away only from their spot on Albert Place, making it better if you’re looking for food on the go rather than a sit-down meal. Absolutely fantastic if you want to stop into Chinker’s Field or another nearby park space for a cheeky hot picnic.

Poppy Rose Tea Room, Witton Street

Finally, because we all enjoy a nice pot of tea, the last suggestion on our list for a decorous but inexpensive luncheon in Northwich is the Poppy Rose Tea Room.

A stylish and cute little tearoom on Witton Street, it provides the tried and classic afternoon tea experience, yet all while keeping a reasonable budget. The meals are light and all come with a selection of sides such as salads and chips. And, because no tea room worth its sugar is complete without them, a tasty selection of sweet snacks and cakes are also provided.

As well as the tearoom, the Poppy Rose also has a vintage shop upstairs selling locally made arts and crafts. There’s some really amazing finds to be discovered, so if you can make time for it be sure to do so. While the tearoom itself is largely accessible to wheelchairs and people with limited mobility, the shop can only be reached by a flight of stairs.

Getting a bargain lunch out in Northwich is never a challenge, and it offers delicious meals suitable for everyone. Help get your seniors out and active, while at the same time enjoying some great food that’s easy on the wallet. A perfect recipe for times such as these!

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