Why is companionship important as we age?

Older adults can often feel isolated, particularly if they are living alone, or have limited social interactions.  Feelings of isolation can lead to depression and can have a negative impact on health and wellbeing.

Having some form of companionship in place can help to alleviate some of these feelings and improve emotional connections.  Having someone to talk with, share stories and experiences with or simply just spending time together can make a significant different to someone’s quality of life.

Secondary to this, many older adults may find that they require extra assistance with everyday tasks or activities.  For example, due to physical limitations, it may be more difficult to get to the shop or to complete household chores.  Having a companion to provide the necessary support can help an individual to maintain their independence and dignity.

Spending time in the company of others is known to have positive effects on a person’s health.  It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, which in turn may lead to better sleep, lower blood pressure and improved immune function.   Having someone to participate with can also encourage older people to engage in physical activities, even if its just a gentle stroll outside, which can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Companionship is crucial to providing an overall positive impact on an individual – by offering emotional support it can also have a positive effect on physical health, keeping them independent for longer.

How can Home Instead help?

We are passionate on providing person-centred, companionship care and being able to offer non-rushed calls so that our clients get quality time with their caregiver.

Our calls are a minimum of one hour so there is always time for a friendly chat and building up trusted relationships.

Want to know more?  Please don’t hesitate to contact our team and find out how we can help support your loved one at home.