Do I need my care provider to be registered?

Whether you’re looking for a new care provider or this is the first time you are looking for care, making a decision can be a confusing and emotional time for you and the whole family. Whatever your circumstances for needing care in the home, Home Instead North Wales understands the importance of making an informed decision on what choices are in the best interests for those needing support.

There are many care options out there, some registered and some not, so one of the first questions you may ask yourself is why choose a registered care provider? Well, there are many reasons, which we will explore in a moment, but the simple answer is that choosing a registered provider offers reassurance for you and your family that your chosen care meets set stringent Ministerial standards of service and the care delivered is regularly monitored with reports published online.

Let’s explore some frequently asked questions on the benefits of registered care in some more detail, to help you make a decision on whether it is right for you.

Registered care providers are regulated, why is this important?

The Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) are a regulatory body who carry out functions on behalf of Ministers for all care services and providers in Wales. It is compulsory for all registered care providers to be regulated by the CIW with reports of visits and judgements published online creating transparency for all those looking for and receiving care. The CIW have the ultimate decision on whether a care business can operate.

This accreditation offers all clients reassurance and peace of mind knowing that a Government body is asking all the difficult questions and ensuring those registered are providing the best care for loved ones. Home Instead North Wales are regularly assessed and we are proud to share our latest CIW report.

Are all the staff trained?

One of the benefits of choosing a registered provider is that all staff who will be caring for you or your loved one will not only be DBS checked and accredited but they will also be continually training to keep up to date with new ideas, initiatives and ways of working. This could be in new ways of keeping the brain active, the latest on new health and safety, first aid and so on, to make sure your carer is providing the very best care for you or your loved one.

Can I have the same carer at each visit?

We understand the importance of developing a trusting relationship with your carer and that their knowledge of your personal preferences can be reassuring. With this in mind, where possible we will ensure you have a consistent level of care from the same person or team.

During visits each carer will document everything that has happened so that an online record of what you like, how you like it and what you don’t like is available for any other carer who may have to temporarily provide care, such as if your regular carer is off sick or on holiday.

How do I know what is happening at visits with a large company?

One of the benefits of a registered provider is the technology available to advance communication between carer, client and those they choose to share information with.  At Home Instead we use an App that documents every client visit, sharing information between carer and client in an open and transparent way. With the clients permission, family members can also opt to have access to the information in the app, including the details keeping them up to date with the care being received by their loved one.

What if my carer is not right for me?

This is one of the benefits of a registered care provider like Home Instead, your carer is chosen with you and your needs in mind. Where possible we will always team you with one of our expert carers in the area of care you require the most, such as a dementia. We also work hard to employ and retain local staff who know your area to give familiarity to those receiving care.

Sometimes a clients needs change, such as a change in mobility or health conditions like Alzheimer’s or diabetes. To make sure your care plan and carer is right for you, every client will have a regular review with one of the team. The benefit of a larger registered care provider is that others in the team may have more experience and specialism in your new health condition or need, making them a better fit for your care. Of course, we will never make decisions about your care or a change in your care without making sure you are completely comfortable with any new steps.

How do I know you’re looking after my carer well?

All regulated care providers have a duty of care to their staff and are assessed upon this by the CIW. At Home Instead we know that happy staff mean happy clients. This is why we continually invest in training for our staff and commit to not only paying the living wage, but also supporting them in their career aspirations. When we strive to be the best employers, our carers can focus on giving the best care. Our latest Home Instead report stated that ‘care staff told us managers are approachable and supportive’ with one care worker being quoted as saying we were “a lovely company to work for.”

If you have any questions about what a registered care provider can offer you, feel free to get in touch with one of the team on 01745 772150 and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help.