South-West Northamptonshire Staying Connected guide

Staying active and connected to your community as you get older across South West Northamptonshire.

Download Staying Connected Guide in South West Northamptonshire

We are a local family-run organisation based in Deddington, North Oxfordshire and South West Northamptonshire providing support for older people. We help with daily care needs, social activities, housekeeping and getting out and about in the community. For us it’s not just about performing a task but creating relationships between clients and their Care Professionals and making a difference to people lives.

Rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, we can provide live-in support as well as hourly care and so can enable people to stay at home for as long as they want to. With the support of the office team we always try our best to find a way to help people live their best life. One of the key ingredients affecting quality of life and curb the onset and progression of frailty (see also here) is to remain socially connected and active in the community.

This guide is about encouraging people to remain active. We hope this guide will help our clients and the wider community identify what is going on locally and encourage participation. You may find a paper copy of the guide in places you visit but this version, being electronic, is more likely to be up to date.
Download guide of activities here excel version
Download guide of activities here PDF version
Download full guide here as printed