Gill Devereux, a care professional talks about working with Home Instead North Herts

Gill started her career with Home Instead North Herts in 2019, she loves her job and she has talked about why in this article.

What made you think about applying for the role? What attracted you?

In all honesty, I’d never thought about becoming a care professional an advert came up on my Facebook.

What do you find satisfying about your role?

Being able to help someone, even if it’s just chatting to them to help improve their day, as you may be the only person they will see until their next visit.

Explain what do you do on a typical visit to a client?

Greet a client and check their wellbeing. Possibly assist with showering or washing and dressing, breakfast, medication, bit of housework making sure they have all they need until the next visit.

What difference do you think you have made to your client’s life?

They say they don’t know what they’d do without me. They see me as a friend or even family, it makes visits so much easier when someone is completely at ease with you, trust is everything.

Do you find personal care difficult?

The personal care started gradually. This, I never found difficult to do. It’s about your client being put at ease on all levels of their personal care needs, lots of chatting and reassurance makes it easy for both concerned.

What quality do you think you have that helps you in your role?

I think you need to ask my clients! I think, I’m very patient, calm, I love to chat, as well as listen to people. I’ll do anything to help someone if it’s within my capabilities.

What’s your favourite part of your role?

Oh, it must be the smile you get when someone is genuinely pleased to see you and you know you are able to help them and make a difference.

Is there anything you would change about your role?

No, I don’t think I would change anything, as there is so much support, whether it be from a fellow care professional or the Management team.

Would you prefer to wear a uniform?

I’m quite happy not wearing a uniform (even though full PPE is required) It just appears more friendly.

What positive feedback have you had from a client?

I get told they like me coming because I’m always happy and friendly. I think this helps because they find it easy to tell me what they want or need from me.

Would you like to advance in your career as a care professional?

I would have liked to advance in my career as a care professional if I’d done this when I was younger.

Has any of your client’s abilities improved since you have visited them?

Yes, lots of client’s abilities have improved, most of the time its building confidence so they can do more for themselves.

What do you find difficult about your role?

The loss of a client as you build relationships not just with your client but with families as well.

What’s your best story/experience you’ve had when visiting a client? What’s made you smile?

I smile with one of my lovely clients, who when I visit, tells me about her evenings with her bottle of wine and her glass of cider – but what she doesn’t realise is, it’s non-alcoholic purchased by her family!

Is there anything that surprised you when starting (or during) your role?

The only thing that has surprised me is how easily I adapted to a completely different career and how easily I made this change, and my own confidence grew as I’ve always been quite a shy person. This whole journey has felt so natural, I wish I‘d done it years ago!

What’s the biggest thing you have learnt during your time as a care professional?

Never take life and your abilities for granted, as it can change so quickly. Always remain respectful, kind, and happy in your approach. One day this could be you on the receiving end of a care professional, always treat people how you would like them to treat you.