Home Instead Expands To Meet Demands of Ageing Population

Home Instead North Hertfordshire has seen a rise in clients receiving live-in care, leading to the business taking on more Care Professionals to meet the demand, making it possible for families to keep their loved ones at home as their care needs increase.

While residential care was traditionally seen as the only option when people need more support, the local home Care Company has noted that more families are understanding that the same care needs can be met by a care professional who moves in with their loved one.

Families in North Hertfordshire do a lot to support older relatives, but with work and parental responsibilities, there is only so much people can do to help. Knowing that your loved one is being supported by someone who they have bonded with gives families peace of mind. They know that someone is always there to provide care, act if any emergencies such as falls occur, and provide companionship throughout the day like you would from a family member.

Home Instead has been delighted to welcome nine enthusiastic new care professionals who are providing overnight support to clients in North Hertfordshire. This one-to-one support is helping meet the growing demand for live-in care.

Owner of Home Instead North Hertfordshire says: “Very often, somebody’s care journey begins with them receiving care at home for a few hours a week. There was a time when people would think that if care needs increased, there was no alternative to moving out of home and into residential care. I’m so pleased to see that awareness of other options, particularly live-in care, is growing.

“When our live-in care professionals move in with clients, it doesn’t take long for them to become part of their family. They approach care with the same kind of compassion that their adult children would, rather than dividing their time amongst various people.

“People should have the choice to stay at home for as long as possible. Live-in care allows people to stay put, maintain independence, and keep autonomy over their lives. A familiar routine is important for many of us, particularly older people, and receiving live-in care means having the flexibility to carry on doing what you’ve always done, for example eating at specific times, which you might not get from other care packages.”

Home Instead’s live-in care can involve a range of duties, from personal care such as help with dressing and bathing, to helping with household chores. They can also take clients to appointments or social activities, helping them keep community ties. Read more about our Care Packages, including Live-In Care.

The team at Home Instead is keen to hear from people who want to come onboard as a live-in care professional and reap the benefits of such a rewarding role.