Home Instead, home care in North Hertfordshire gives advice on Continence Products

Transitioning into senior years and needing the support of continence products can stir feelings of self-consciousness and a reluctance to talk openly about the subject.

At Home Instead, our highly trained Care Professionals in North Hertfordshire understand the evolving needs of our clients. We prioritise their comfort and well-being by offering discreet support and information, including the use of continence products, when necessary. Based on our extensive experience, we have compiled a list of common concerns encountered by our Care Professionals while providing care. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office. We are here to assist you.

Don’t Double Up
Putting on two continence pants for extra absorbency and prevent overnight leaks will not offer any additional benefit. The outside of continence pants is waterproof so liquid will not flow from one pants to another; the outer layer is wasted. It also increases the risk of skin rashes, skin breakdown and pressure sores.

They Come in Various Levels of Absorbency
Continence pants come in various absorbency levels, each with a highly absorbent core which will quickly and effectively lock in liquid and keep it away from the body. On average, a person will need 3 pants per day, if you are using significantly more than this, check the absorbency level on the packet and consider moving to a higher level. This option is cheaper, safer, and more effective than putting on two pants at a time.

Available in Washable Form & Swimming
Washable pants are available for both men and women with light bladder weakness. There are also waterproof adult swim brief or specialised swimwear for water activities.

Available on the NHS
Continence products can be costly, depending on your circumstances, you may be able to get the products on the NHS. You can contact your Social Prescriber or Link Worker at your local GP Surgery. You can also contact Home Instead directly for further information.