Celebrating Angela Lake:

A Beacon of Compassion and Dedication at Home Instead North Devon & Exmoor

Meet our Care Professional of the Year: Angela Lake!

Angela Lake, a treasured member of our team, has emerged as a standout member of the Home Instead team, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of those she cares for. Since joining us in May 2020, Angela has become an indispensable part of our community, showcasing what it truly means to deliver care that goes above and beyond. Her journey with us is a reflection of our core values—compassion, professionalism, and a personal touch that makes all the difference.

A Journey Inspired by Love and Laughter

Angela’s path to care was paved by personal experience and the desire to brighten the lives of others. Having cared for her father during his final days, she discovered the power of humour and empathy in the face of adversity. Her father fondly called her “the joker,” recognising her natural ability to bring light to the darkest moments. This heartfelt encouragement sparked Angela’s passion for making a difference in people’s lives, leading her to a rewarding career with Home Instead.

Going Above and Beyond

Angela’s dedication to her clients is nothing short of extraordinary. Her ability to go above and beyond the call of duty is evident in several heartwarming stories shared by those she has supported. From resolving technical issues to ensuring the comfort and safety of her clients, Angela’s actions speak volumes of her commitment. She has been a true advocate, not just in providing care, but in enriching the lives of everyone she touches with her thoughtful gestures and innovations.

One client recounted how Angela helped fix their television, coordinating with an engineer and personally fetching a necessary part. Another shared the simple joy of being able to use a walker more effectively, thanks to Angela’s suggestion. Moreover, her proactive approach in managing medication and her role as a steadfast advocate during consultations highlights her unparalleled dedication to client wellbeing.

Angela Lake

A Mentor and Role Model

Angela’s influence extends beyond her direct care responsibilities. She embodies the Home Instead values, serving as an inspiring example for other Care Professionals. Her initiatives, like creating organised meal plans and raising awareness about scams, not only benefit her clients but also enhance the collective knowledge and vigilance of our care team. Angela’s actions reinforce the importance of empathy, innovation, and leadership in delivering exceptional care.

Making a Lasting Impact

Angela’s commitment to improving the lives of those with health challenges is truly commendable. Her personal investment in understanding Huntington’s disease and advocating for a client’s specific needs underscores her role as a compassionate caregiver and a knowledgeable advocate. Angela’s efforts have directly contributed to more positive healthcare experiences and have empowered clients to take proactive steps in their health management.

A Testament to True Care

Angela Lake’s story is a testament to the profound impact that one individual can have on the lives of many. Her journey at Home Instead North Devon & Exmoor showcases the difference that genuine care, driven by empathy and dedication, can make. Angela embodies the best of what it means to be part of Home Instead – a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for the elderly and a beacon of hope and warmth in their lives.

As we celebrate Angela’s contributions, we are reminded of the power of care that goes beyond the expected. It’s about creating moments of joy, fostering independence, and ensuring that every individual feels valued and understood. Angela’s story is not just one of personal achievement but a reflection of our collective mission at Home Instead: to change the face of ageing with every life we touch.

In recognising Angela’s outstanding service, we are not only honouring her but also reiterating our commitment to compassionate, professional care that makes a real difference. Angela, thank you for being an extraordinary part of our team and for all that you do to make North Devon & Exmoor a better place for those in need of care.

Join Our Compassionate Team

Are you inspired by Angela’s story and the meaningful difference she makes every day? Do you feel a calling to impact lives positively and become part of a supportive and caring community? Home Instead North Devon & Exmoor is looking for individuals just like you to join our team.

Being part of our team means more than just a job. It’s about making a real difference in the lives of the elderly, offering not only care but also companionship, support, and laughter. We provide comprehensive training, support, and opportunities for professional growth, ensuring that every team member can deliver exceptional care with confidence and compassion.

If you’re ready to embark on a rewarding career that brings joy and comfort to those in need, we’d love to hear from you. Learn more about the opportunities available and how you can become part of our caring community by visiting Join Our Team.