Easter Eggs All Around

Easter Eggs Get Donated

Every year Home Instead run an Easter Campaign where we ask the community and local businesses to donate some Easter Eggs which we deliver to lonely and isolated older individuals in the community and this year was no different with Tiny Rebel and Whitehead Building Services donating a massive haul of eggs which we distributed throughout the community.

We visited Chepstow Community Hospital where we gave all the patients on the wards an egg which spread joy and cheer amongst the patients.  We managed to put smiles on peoples faces and had time to have a smile and a conversation with people recovering from a range of illnesses and we handed out over 45 chocolate treats which definitely put everyone in a great mood.

We could not forget the staff who will be working over the Easter Holiday and whilst we all tuck into our Lamb or Vegan dinners we want you to share a thought for all of the Health and Social Care workers who work tirelessly over all the holidays without fail.  Where would be without our community heroes and national health team?

Three smiling healthcare workers holding Easter treats in a hospital break room with more treats on the counter. - Home Instead