NHS Heroes Participate on the Dementia Experience

NHS Heroes Particiate on the Dementia Experience

Friday the 24 of May saw Home Instead and Mount Pleasant Doctors Practice participate on an interactive Dementia Experience which saw individuals wear restrictive aids that mimic the symptoms of Dementia. Each participant donned each restriction which affected sight, touch, hearing and mobility and dexterity.  Individuals were then tasked with remembering a list of instructions whilst performing every day activities such as folding clothes, writing a letter and pouring a glass of water.  Some participants struggled more than others with an overload of the senses saw individuals forget part of the instructions or perform a task wrong.

Ken Vowles from Dementia UK was in attendance as he was able to share a real life experience of living with Dementia after losing his wife to Vascular Dementia the day after their 60th wedding anniversary.  The story that Ken shared was very emotive and touching and gave a real insight into the devastating condition.

On the day clinicians and administrative staff and patients at Mount Pleasant experienced the session and the feedback we received was that the session was very insightful with one participant saying “I feel very thankful to Home Instead as my eyes have been opened to the severity of Dementia Symptoms” and another participant explaining that it made him feel really clumbsy.

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