A Group Member Shares their Journey through the Archives of History

A Journey Through the Archive of Life

On Wednesday 15th of April we had the pleasure of one of our group members share their experiences with Genealogy and gave a thorough introduction to learning how to build a family tree.  In their journey to explore where their heritage came from they had visited places as far as the Mormon archive in America.  We talked about births, marriages and deaths and census archives amongst other areas which shared a real insight into genealogy and where and how to start.  It was later revealed that he was connected to the Cromwells and even William the Conqurer.  Advice was given that Ancestory.com was a great resource but there were free sites online that could be used.  The starting point would be to start with your most recent living family and work back.  This presentation encouraged others to talk about war times, the land army and family members that had been lost and one of our newest members who was 86 shared some memories of her childhood during the war and we reminisnced about D Day with it bieing the 80th anniversary.  We run the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Chepstow Hospital from 11am – 1pm; all are welcome.