Lets talk about Ageism

We want to spark a debate and start a conversation around Ageism!

Lets Talk About Ageism

At least a third of people hold ageist beliefs, and 40% have never given a thought about ageism. We need to challenge these beliefs and change the way we think about aging.

It is our job to get people to consider and re-evaluate some of the things they are thinking, saying or doing that might be part of the problem, in order to make positive changes.

  • Ageism is the most widespread form of discrimination in the UK
  • Half of people aged over 50 in England experienced age discrimination in the last year
  • 1 in 5 employers believe that age discrimination occurs in their organisation
  • Children as young as 3 begin to develop stereotypes about older people
  • Half the public believes UK society is ageist
  • Ageism can cause people to delay seeking treatment for a health issue

Take the quiz here to see if you have unwittingly held any ageist beliefs, and read more about the Age Without Limits campaign.

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