Preventing Hospitalisation with Home Care

Getting care are home provides many benefits to the health and wellbeing of your loved one, one of which is preventing the need to be hospitalised.

Health Benefits of Home Instead Care

As our population ages, the demand for healthcare services tailored to the needs of older adults continues to grow. Among various options, home care has emerged as a crucial component in promoting the health and well-being of seniors, particularly in preventing unnecessary hospitalisations.

Early Detection and Management of Health Issues

At Home Instead our Care Professionals are trained to monitor their clients closely and can often detect early signs of health problems before they escalate into serious conditions. Regular monitoring and prompt intervention can prevent complications that might otherwise lead to hospitalisation. For example, Care Professionals can manage conditions such as Parkinson’s and Dementia by ensuring medication adherence and providing lifestyle support, thereby reducing the risk of acute episodes requiring hospital care.

Personalised Care in a Familiar Environment

One of the most significant advantages of home care is the ability to provide personalised care within the comfort of one’s own home. This familiar setting can greatly reduce stress and anxiety, which are often associated with hospital stays. Care Professionals tailor their services to meet the unique needs of each individual, offering a level of attention and care that is difficult to achieve in a hospital environment.

Enhanced Medication Management

Medication errors are a common cause of hospital admissions among older adults. Our home care services include medication management, ensuring that clients take their medications correctly and on schedule. Our Care Professionals can also communicate with healthcare providers to manage prescriptions effectively, reducing the risk of adverse drug interactions and side effects that could lead to hospitalisation.

Fall Prevention and Safety

Falls are a leading cause of injury and hospitalisation in older adults. Home Instead can assess the home environment for potential hazards and implement modifications to enhance safety. Such as installing grab bars, improving lighting and rearranging furniture to reduce the risk of falls. Additionally, we can assist with mobility and help with exercises that can improve balance and strength, further mitigating fall risk.

Nutritional Support

Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining health and preventing illness. Our Home Care services can include meal planning and preparation tailored to the dietary needs of our clients. By ensuring our clients receive balanced and nutritious meals, we can help maintain their overall health, boosting their immune system and preventing malnutrition-related hospital admissions.

Emotional and Social Support

Isolation and loneliness can have significant impacts on the health of older adults, sometimes leading to depressions and associated physical health issues. Our Care Professionals provide companionship and emotional support which can improve mental health and reduce the risk of hospitalisations due to related conditions. Social interaction also encourages more active lifestyles, which is beneficial for overall health.

About Home Instead

Home Instead Newcastle offer a comprehensive approach to the health and well-being of older adults, helping them to live well in their own homes and in their own community. By preventing complications through early intervention, medication management, nutrition, and companionship, we can help prevent the need for your loved one to be hospitalised.

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