Healthcare Decision Day

Healthcare decision day falls on 16th April every year, and is used to encourage conversations around, and the importance of, advance care decisions.

Healthcare Decision Day

Healthcare Decision Day, held on 16th April every year, is an initiative designed to inspire, educate, and empower the public and healthcare providers about the importance of advance care planning.

We want to encourage you to begin or continue conversations about a person’s decisions as they age, in advance of when care is needed. Often care is something that is only researched when it is needed, leading to decisions needing to be made quickly. However, planning, or opening the conversation in advance, provides many benefits.

  • Choice and Control – by planning, individuals can make decisions about the type of care they want to receive and where they want to receive it.
  • Reduced Stress – Planning in advance can alleviate stress and uncertainty for a person and their family members, who may otherwise be tasked to make these decisions themselves. Clear preferences can help guide everyone when choosing appropriate care.
  • Financial Preparedness – Aging comes with increased healthcare needs and expenses. Planning can help to save and invest for these costs.
  • Access to Resources – Early planning allows families to access and explore various resources with enough time to consider and receive them, including government assistance programs and community support services.
  • Legal Considerations – Advance planning allows families to establish legal documents such as living wills and powers of attorney for healthcare, ensuring their wishes are known and respected.
  • Quality of Life – By proactively addressing potential health and mobility issues, individuals can take the steps needed to maintain their independence and well-being as they age, which enhances their quality of life in later years.

In summary, planning care decisions in advance empowers individuals to make informed decisions, maintain control, and ensure they receive the support and assistance they need as they age. Start a conversation today with a loved one!

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