Spooky Recipes to Make

With Halloween just less than a week away, we know that some of you are already in the spooky spirit! Here are some Halloween recipes to make this week!

Chocolate and Toffee Apples

With Halloween just less than a week away, we know that some of you are already in the spooky spirit! So we wanted to share with you some simple Halloween baking recipes that you can do at home with your Care Professional!

We thought we would start off with a classic, chocolate apples! Probably one of the easiest things you can make, and makes for a lovely tasty (and healthy!) treat. It’s as easy as grabbing an apple, a fork, melting some chocolate, dipping your apples and adding your decoration. For a Halloween theme, use themed sprinkles, or icing to create spiderwebs, eyeballs and other spooky designs!

If your feeling daring, you can even take it further by making toffee apples!

Chocolate apples recipe | BBC Good Food

Easy toffee apples recipe – BBC Food

Ways to Use your Pumpkin

If your like us and hate thinking of wasting pumpkin, why not make something with it and save it from the bin!

We have personally tried and tested this pumpkin cake recipe, and can confirm that it is phenomenal. It also happens to be vegan, so perfect for those unable to eat dairy but still enjoy cake! – Vegan pumpkin loaf cake recipe – BBC Food

You can make tasty roasted pumpkin seeds in a variety of flavours, add honey for sweetness or another flavouring for savoury. You can top your pumpkin cake with these too as a themed decoration! – Roasted pumpkin seeds recipe – BBC Food

Perhaps you would prefer a warm and hearty soup instead of a sweet treat? Here is a pumpkin soup recipe to follow – Pumpkin soup recipe – BBC Food

An even heartier option for the colder months is a pumpkin and potato tray bake, which you can add any meat or vegetables to that you would like – Sticky pumpkin and sweet potato traybake recipe – BBC Food

For even more recipe ideas on how to use up your pumpkin, you can visit BBC good food here: Ways to use up pumpkin – BBC Food

Extra Fun Baking

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some extra fun baking with all the food colours and icing!

Create Halloween monster cookies with icing eyes – Monster cookies recipe – BBC Food

Create some bat biscuits with a bat cookie cutter and simple icing – Halloween biscuits recipe – BBC Food

Create some gingerbread men, but decorate them as skeletons or mummies! – Scary Halloween cookies recipe – BBC Food

Make ghost cupcakes with simply white icing and sprinkle eyes – Halloween ghost cupcakes recipe – BBC Food

We hope that you have lots of fun baking this week, and we would love to see what you create, please tag us on social media so we can see all the fun you’ve had!