Celebrating Father's Day with an Older Dad

It’s important to spend quality time with our aging parents, and this Fathers Day in 2024 it’s no different! Here's our list of ideas...

Celebrating Father's Day with an Older Dad

It’s important to spend quality time with our aging parents, and this Fathers Day in 2024 it’s no different! The important of connection we have with our dad’s remains the same as they age, but its no longer as easy as creating a hand-made card. Here’s our list of idea’s and activities you can do this Father’s Day with your dad! It’s okay to keep them ordinary, because it’s the meaning that makes the difference, not the activity  you do.

Remember to please consider your dad or loved one’s physical condition when choosing an activity, and make accommodations where needed so that they are manageable. At Home Instead, we can be available with a Care Professional to help you with your day if needed. Give us a call in to arrange a meeting – 0191 213 5505.

His Favourite activity

What is your dad’s favourite activity? Taking an interest and doing something that he loves is a simple way to spend time and show you care this Father’s Day! Be it a physical activity such as fishing or gardening, or a home-based activity such as watching the football or building with Lego. If they are unable to partake in a physical activity, going to the park and watching others can be just as meaningful, and gives time for a heartfelt chat too. It could be something he enjoyed when he was younger and wants to feel the nostalgia of, and has less time to do now. This kind of activity will be a memory you can both treasure.

Family Time Outdoors

As we get older, it may be more difficult to spend time outdoors, making the opportunity to do so less often. The benefits of fresh air and nature cannot be lost as we age! Spend time outside in nature, at the local park or forest, and see what you can spot. If a journey out is too much, then a BBQ in your own garden is just as fun and provides just as much fresh air.

His Favourite Meal

Entice your dad’s appetite with his favourite meal! Favourite meals are often foods from when we were younger and can bring about cherished memories. You don’t have to do the cooking, you could also consider a meal out at a restaurant, a ready to cook meal from the supermarket, or treat yourselves to a takeaway.

Drive Down Memory Lane

For an activity that involves getting out of the house together, but not a lot of physical activity, why not head for a drive to some cherished locations! Maybe to a previous address that holds a lot of memories, the town they grew up in, an old school or workplace. Going back to these places can spark a lot of conversations, and its always interesting to see how the building and area has changed over the years, or if it hasn’t at all. You can always stop the car and go for a wander whilst there too.

His Favourite Music

Music can hold a lot of feelings, and listening to our favourite music is a great activity to do together. Try singing along, or dancing if they are able to and help them relive  good times from their youth.

No matter what you do this Father’s Day, remember it is all about being together rather than the activity that you do. And any planned activity will provide quality time with your loves ones.

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