The New Ageing Index

The New Ageing Index by Home Instead

The way people are ageing is changing. That’s what we found from carrying out the biggest study of its kind yet into how Britain thinks, feels and acts into older age.

The New Ageing Index by Home Instead is a detailed look at what people think when they reflect on the prospect of their later years on topics such as health, wellbeing, technology, politics and social care.

The results showed an undipping appetite for life:

  • 89% of those 75+ believe in an active lifestyle.
  • 54% of all adults believe that lifespan and healthspan will significantly improve over the next decade.

The New Ageing Index

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The Index also showed that independence in later life is a priority for many:

  • People were more worried about the prospect of ending up in a care home (44% ) than they would be about the death of a partner (36%)
  • 80% said they’d prefer to be treated at home if they were ill. 
  • 54% of all UK adults feel the home is under-utilised as a base for treatment.

Sparking a conversation about ageing

The report will be repeated quarterly over a year to give us even more insights into how people want to age. We hope the content sparks a conversation about ageing and how people can enjoy the later years of life to the full, with the help of home care if needed.

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