As the Summer Months are here and the anticipated approach of weather could make everyone sizzle in the UK it is not always a welcome time especially for our senior population as too much heat can be life threatening. As we get older it can be more difficult to regulate our body temperature and for those with long term health conditions, medications and terminal illnesses even more so as some conditions and medications affect the bodies response to temperature so keeping safe and well in the summer months can be even more difficult.

Here is our ultimate guide to staying safe and well in the summer months:

  • Drink plenty of liquids – It is important to stay hydrated during the summer months as this has a lot of serious side effects which can ultimately be life threatening as dehydration can cause complications such as urinary and kidney problems even kidney failure. Water is the best option to drink regularly but fruit or vegetable liquids. If you have a liquid controlled diet the best advice is to speak to your Dr to ask them how much you should limit yourself to during hot weather.  The best drinks to hydrate fast will always be water but milk is also a good alternative and isotonic drinks.  It is recommended to drink between 6-8 cups of water a day.
  • Wear Light Coloured Clothes: – Steer clear from dark-coloured clothes as they can absorb the heat and make the body overheat. Light linen clothes and lighter colours like pastels and whites and creams can reduce heat absorption and keep you cooler.
  • Use Cooling Sprays: – This wonder sprays can give you some instant relief from hot temperatures and cooling down the largest organ on your body is highly recommended as heat leaves your body through your skin. There are loads of options, but a couple of links here are
  • Put your hands and feet in cold water: – You can cool yourself down quickly by doing this and even popping a bit of ice in can really lower your temperature, particularly useful if someone is unwell.
  • Cover Windows or Shade Windows: – Try to direct the direct sunlight away from coming into the home and by shading the windows or even closing the curtains it can lower the temperatures inside.
  • Open the windows in the evening: – Whilst leaving the doors and windows closed during the day is wise. Opening the windows and doors when it is cooler in the evening will help to cool down the indoor temperatures.
  • Have a cool shower: – A nice cool shower or a cold compress can help.

These are just a few helpful tips to stay well during the summer months which we hope are filled with fun and enjoyment.