Age Cymru and Home Instead Collaborate

Age Cymru and Home Instead Prevent Fraud and Scams

The sun was shining in Abergavenny as Richard Watkins of Age Cymru and Nicola Masters of Home Instead joined forces to help seniors in Abergavenny better understand what the risks are of fraudsters and scammmers and to help provide individuals with the skills and knowledge to better protect themselves against the dangers.

Frauds and Scams have become a multi billion pound industry which targets some of the most vulnerable in our society however everyone can fall foul to them.  It can cost the UK between 5 and 10 billion a year however not all scams are reported and this figure is just an estimate.

Home Instead are the leading home care organisation in the UK and we support older people every day so having an opportunity to deliver some some fraud and scam awareness training to a group of local seniors was an opportunity we would not miss.

We began the talk with a short quiz which broke the ice and got everyone laughing before we took the tone to a more serious note and started sharing information about some of the most common scams which target older people are:-

  • Microsoft Imitators – People pretending that that you have a serious problem with your computer and they want to take virtual control over it to protect you from losing your data.
  • Fake Charities
  • Fake Telephone Preference Callers
  • Pay Up Crimes – These tell you that you are a suspect of crime asking you to pay a fine.
  • Too good to be true – Once in a life time opportunities such as a relative has passed

Victims of scams can be seriously affected emotionally, physically and Financially it is important to watch out for signs or changes in behaviour of a loved one.

For more information and to protect yourself here are a number of trusted websites: –

If you would be interested in Home Instead delivering an awareness session please do not hesitate to contact us on 01633 740028.