Exploring Furzton Lake

Assessing the inclusivity of Furzton Lake

On Wednesday, July 19th, 2023, The Parks Trust and Home Instead Milton Keynes organised an hour-long Accessibility Walk around the scenic Furzton Lake.
A bridge divides the lake into two very different areas. The larger area to the west of the bridge is an expanse of open water with two islands. The smaller one is totally covered with willows, poplars, Hawthorn and Blackthorn, making it a very popular spot for local wildlife.
The lake also boasts The Triple Star Head sculpture by Romanian artist Paul Neagu which is a striking landmark. This was given to the people of Milton Keynes by the people of Canada.

The Accessibility Walk aimed to foster a sense of  engagement and collaboration. Participants came together to share their perspectives on the park’s accessibility. Their input was highly valued as it provided crucial insights into the challenges faced by individuals with different mobility needs.

Participants highlighted the need for better signage and addressed some terrain challenges. This feedback will help make the park more accessible for everyone.
Why not go for a walk around the Lake and enjoy all it has to offer.

Furzton Lake is located in the Furzton grid square and is bordered by V4 Watling Street, Shirwell Crescent, Bilbrook Lane and Lynmouth Crescent. The lake is to the south-west of the V4 Watling Street and south-east of the H7 Chaffron Way.

The National cycle route No. 51 passes through the area.

There are three car parks serving the lake.

Off the V4 with an entrance almost opposite the National Bowl.
Off the H7. Take the turning to the Furzton Lake Hotel and the car park is indicated. There is a bird-feeding station near here.
Off Lynmouth Drive.