My Fulfilling Career Transition in Milton Keynes

Read how Mary Davies went from working in an office to finding a fulfilling career as a Care Professional in Milton Keynes.

Looking back, I think I always wanted to go into nursing, but I missed the opportunity as my mum didn’t think it was the right career choice for me, and she wanted me to go into office working.

I finished school and went to secretarial college. I had various jobs, firstly, I was a secretary, then a PA, an office manager and finally I worked as an account manager. I was hard working and did a good job, but I was feeling that my working day could be so much more rewarding, giving me a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction. In short, I was feeling unfulfilled, and I needed something that felt more meaningful for me.

I felt my efforts at work were not of benefit to those, who really needed the kind of help and service, that I felt inside, I was really destined to be giving.

I had read about Home Instead Milton Keynes, and I was immediately interested in working for them as a Care Professional. I had some experience at home, of caring for family members with dementia, cancer, and schizophrenia. I knew that the little things I did meant a lot and went a long way. I wondered if I was good enough to make the break and start a new career as a Care Professional. Had I left it too late? Was I good enough to care for other people’s loved ones?

All my working life, I only knew how to work in an office, and this was becoming more and more dissatisfying for me. I was more interested in making a difference in people’s lives. I decided to do something about it and I made the call to Home Instead Milton Keynes. After a meeting, and some introductory training, I joined the Care Professional team. It felt right for me from the start, and it was the career shift I had been seeking.

Fast forward three years, I wake up each working day and look forward to seeing my clients, connecting with them, assisting them, and knowing that the work that I do makes a real difference to their lives. It brings me a great sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. Taking the leap to change my career and to become a Care Professional has definitely been the right one for me, and I haven’t looked back since.

I have been pleased and grateful for the opportunity to embark on this new chapter in my life as a Care Professional, where every day brings a renewed sense of purpose and fulfilment.