It's St Piran's Day!

Today’s a very special day for the Cornish, a day to celebrate all things St Piran and what it means to be Cornish. St Piran is the patron saint of Cornwall, the legend states that St Piran arrived in Cornwall miraculously floating on a millstone all the way from Ireland. Perranporth is where you can find the ramains of his oratory which is also the oldest Christian Church in Britain. St Piran is also believed to have discovered how to smelt tin which is why he is also the patron saint of tin miners!

The Cornish have been celebrating the 5th March since the 19th century and still continues today, there are many who’d love to see it become a public holiday!

We had a great afternoon visiting the lovely memory cafe at Sticker where they had the wonderful Press Gang singing Cornish Songs and Sea Shanties!

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