What are our Care Professionals getting up to in our newest team meetings?

For the second quarter of 2023 the Care Professional meetings are all about activities. Things we can do with our clients during our visits with them, this may be as simple as making a cup of tea together or inviting family & friends over for a cream tea. We are discussing the importance of doing activities with our clients and the benefits that they can get from participating in them. We are also promoting positive risk culture, where we can encourage clients to do different things whilst managing the potential risks appropriately.

We have created a few things for the caregivers to take to their clients, such as a quarterly newsletter with interesting facts, music from the past as well as a quiz. We are also providing crosswords for those clients that enjoy them. Finally we have made sunflower growing kits for every caregiver to take to a client, this activity has proved massively popular! At each meeting the caregivers are also planting their own sunflowers. The tallest sunflower by the end of the season will win a prize!

Interested in joining the team?