Care Professional Team Meetings

We are welcoming our team members back into the office for quarterly team meetings

We are so glad to have been able to bring back the caregiver team meetings, it’s lovely for us to be able to get together. We are having them in small groups of around 6 at a time, with caregivers coming to at least one a quarter. Each quarter we have a different topic to discuss and have started bringing in bitesize learning sessions to the meetings. We are inviting a variety of different caregivers to each meeting, so the whole team can build relationships with each other.

For the first quarter in 2023 we are looking at Food Safety and how we can present food to look appetising to our clients. We looked at statistics surrounding food safety as well best practises and why it is important for us to maintain Food Safety when we support our clients at home. We also discussed how important it is to present food well to our clients, many of whom have small appetites. Following this we had a little competition, where each caregiver had to make a sandwich and present it on a plate in the most appetising way. Our wonderful Fran won, with her flower shaped tomatoes!

At the end of the session, we have time to have a natter with tea and cake. It also gives the caregivers opportunities to share their thoughts and feedback to the office-based team, this is incredibly helpful for us to continually improve and ensure best practice in everything we do. In a recent meeting a caregiver mentioned they would appreciate additional training in Diabetes, this is now something we are looking into providing.