Great day at the Admiral Nurse Care and Share Event in Cornwall.

We had a great day at the Admiral Nurse Care and Share Event in Cornwall.

Care and Share Day by the Integrated Admiral Nurse Service

Great day at the Admiral Nurse Service Care and Share Event in Cornwall.

Caroline Ellis who leads the service explained how they help and advise people living with dementia and their families in Cornwall. Anyone with a diagnosis of dementia can access their valuable advice.

Reducing Risks of Dementia

Dr Vicky Brown gave an excellent talk regarding Dementia and some simple steps on how we all can reduce the risks. One clear message was that it was never to early to start, but it is never too late to start either and following the advice may reduce the risks of having dementia or slow down some of the effects. Exercise is really important and this needs to be regular. Just sitting down more than 30 minutes may be harmful so having a routine of getting up, having a stretch and walking around for a bit can all help. Healthy eating is important and reducing alcohol intake. Education is important too and this means keeping learning new things as we get older, not just learning things at school or college. Anything that interests us as the brain needs to keep making new connections and learning. There was an interesting piece about sensory loss as well. For example hearing loss can increase the risk of Dementia developing so it is important to try and use hearing aids if possible or other ways to communicate. Social interaction is really important and we see this at Home Instead a lot. Older people can easily become isolated at home through sensory loss, frailty and losing social networks.

Socialisation with the Memory Cafe Network

Kirsty Dexter with the Memory Cafe network talked about what they do and how important socialisation and lifestyle is to helping prevent dementia and then help people live with it.

Our guide to memory cafes in Mid Cornwall 

Livewell with Dementia

Julia Paul spoke about the really interesting group sessions she had been helping Matt Defue with – Livewell with Dementia. Sam spoke about the Advocacy people and Nicole Mitchell finished with a very relaxing session on how massage with Massage4Dementia can help people.

Alzheimer’s, Age UK, Healthwatch, Filo and Makaton

We had a stand and it was great to meet other people and explain what we do. The Alzheimer’s society, Age UK, Healthwatch Cornwall were all there with the Filo project and Makaton with Talk More Cornwall. Our new Home Instead water bottles were very popular!

About Dementia UK and resources

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