Boosting Wellbeing with Home Care in Maidstone

Discover Home Instead Maidstone: bespoke home care enhancing older adults' wellbeing in their own homes

Our CQC outstanding home care services enhance the wellbeing of older adults through personalised support and care within the comfort of their homes. At this blog, discover how our exceptional team positively influences our clients’ wellbeing.

Personalised Client Centred Care

At Home Instead in Maidstone, we believe in delivering you the personalised care that you want, when you need it. We create personalised care plans tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each client. This approach ensures that care is not only about meeting physical health requirements but also a boost to your overall quality of life and wellbeing.

Compassionate and Exceptional Care Professionals

We have a rigorous selection process and comprehensive training programs for our team. This ensures that clients receive care from professionals who are not only skilled but also compassionate and dedicated to fostering meaningful relationships with their clients, significantly improving their emotional and social wellbeing.

Compassionate Care Professionals

Connected to Local Community

One of the many ways our Care Professionals connect with our older adults and foster their happiness is through engaging in local activities within the Maidstone community. We understand that the use of community resources can play a crucial role, adding a substantial personal touch to the care we provide. 

Shopping trips to Fremlin Walk or visiting local cafes are simple but essential pleasures that our older adults enjoy. These activities create a sense of normalcy, providing our clients with opportunities to interact with the world outside their homes. They also serve as something exciting and fun to look forward to.

For those with greener thumbs, trips to local garden centres such as Notcutts or Polhill Garden Centre are an absolute treat. These outings not only stimulate the senses with vibrant colours and scents but also act as a therapeutic experience. 

Beyond that, our Care Professionals can facilitate visits to community groups and local clubs, based on our clients’ interests and hobbies, offering not only an enjoyable activity but also a chance to socialise with peers. 

Wellbeing at Home

It’s not just about going out. Our Care Professionals are experts in turning our clients’ homes into cheerful spaces. Be it reminiscing over old albums, engaging in a challenging puzzle, or simply sharing a hearty laugh over a cup of tea, these seemingly small acts contribute significantly to our clients’ emotional well-being.

At Home Instead Maidstone, Care Professionals uphold our unique care approach, focused on meaningful companionship and engagement. We understand that every constituent of personal care, dementia-care, home help and companionship creates an essential piece of the overall, outstanding care experience that we provide.

Wellbeing at home

What sets us apart is the importance we place on developing relationships with our clients. We don’t just administer care; we get to know our clients, we celebrate their individuality, and as appropriate we incorporate their interests into their care plan with genuine affection. It’s not just about creating a schedule; it’s about holistically improving the lives of those we serve.

At the heart of everything we do, our mission is to ensure our older adults are happy, healthy, and comfortable in the environment they know and love – their home.

Experience the unique Home Instead Maidstone service for yourself or a loved one, or join us in delivering exceptional care. Learn more about our home care services by calling us on 01622 873414 or for job opportunities apply online.