The Best Christmas Dinner in Maidstone: Our Top Choices

Fields at Ayelsford - A Homely Christmas Setting

At Fields at Ayelsford, we’ve found a welcoming atmosphere perfect for Christmas get-togethers. Their Christmas menu has a good variety of options, from traditional starters to lovely desserts. It’s a spot we often recommend for family gatherings because of its comfortable setting and friendly service. Plus, they offer large tables, making it easier for bigger groups to enjoy a meal together. It’s also worth noting they have an eGift Card option, which could be a thoughtful Christmas gift.

Close-up of a group sharing a festive meal, with one person serving food from a platter onto another's plate. - Home Instead

Oak on the Green - Relaxed Festive Dining

Oak on the Green in Bearsted Green is a great choice for a relaxed Christmas meal. The menu includes both classic and unique dishes, so there’s something for everyone. Our Care Professionals often suggest this place for its cosy environment and accommodating staff. One small thing to note is their limited non-alcoholic drink options, but they make up for it with their overall quality of food and service.

A slice of cheesecake with a cherry sauce drizzle, garnished with mint leaves, served on a light blue plate. - Home Instead

The Park Gate Inn - A Casual and Tasty Option

If you’re looking for a more casual place, The Park Gate Inn near Leeds Castle is worth a visit. Their steak sandwich, in particular, has received high praise. It’s a good place for a laid-back lunch with a varied menu. The outdoor space is also quite pleasant, especially on warmer days. The staff here are known for being friendly and the food is reasonably priced.

A plate of roast beef, potatoes, carrots, green beans, broccoli, and Yorkshire pudding with gravy. - Home Instead

Toby Carvery Maidstone - Traditional Festive Fare

For those who enjoy a traditional carvery, Toby Carvery Maidstone is a top choice. Their festive menu includes classic dishes with a few twists. It’s a family-friendly place, and they seem to cater well to different dietary needs. The environment here is welcoming, and the staff make an effort to accommodate special requests, which is always a plus during the busy Christmas period.

A knife and fork carving slices from a roasted turkey breast, garnished with figs and leafy greens, on a festive table. - Home Instead

Chef and Brewer Collection at Chiltern Hundreds - A Cosy Celebration

The Chiltern Hundreds offers a comfortable setting for a Christmas meal. Their three-course menu is diverse, catering to various tastes, including vegetarian and vegan options. The pub’s cosy atmosphere, with its fires and comfortable seating, makes it a nice place for a relaxed celebration. Based on our experiences and feedback from clients, the service here is attentive and the food consistently good.

Plate with roasted beef slices, gravy, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, and green peas garnished with parsley. - Home Instead

Final Thoughts

These places in Maidstone each have their own charm for a Christmas meal. Whether you’re looking for a traditional setting or a more relaxed atmosphere, there’s something to fit your preference. As Care Professionals, we often visit these spots with clients and have always found them to be accommodating and enjoyable. Remember to book in advance, as these places can get quite busy during the festive season. Enjoy your Christmas meal and the company of your loved ones!