Virtual Dementia Experience Arrives at Home Instead Maidstone in August

Deepen your understanding of living with dementia and gain transformative insights to support you as a family member or caregiver.

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting The Virtual Dementia Tour Bus on Tuesday, 13th August, a mobile tour designed to raise awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by those living with dementia.

At Home Instead Maidstone, we believe exceptional care starts with knowledge, compassion, and a deep understanding of those we support. That’s why we’re thrilled to be a stop on the Virtual Dementia Experience Tour – a profound opportunity for our Care Professionals and our community to walk in the shoes of an older adult living with dementia.

Dementia can be perplexing, not just for the individual experiencing it but also for those around them. This tour offers a unique chance to experience a fraction of what life with dementia might feel like. Imagine understanding, on a personal level, the sensory overloads or the struggles with simple, everyday tasks. This knowledge is priceless in shaping the care and environment we provide.

The Virtual Dementia Experience, developed by Training 2 Care, is a scientifically and medically proven method that allows someone with a healthy brain to experience the potential effects of dementia. It’s an immersive, eye-opening scenario that highlights the subtle changes we can make to improve the lives of older adults with dementia.

Whether you’re a professional caregiver looking to refine your skills, or a family member aiming to understand and support your loved one’s journey with dementia, we invite you to book a ticket to join the experience and attend this incredible event.

Virtual Dementia Experience

Mark Craig, our co-owner at Home Instead Maidstone, explains, “As well as raising awareness of dementia, the event aims to educate people about the condition whilst arming carers with much-needed advice on how to support people living with dementia.”

“The experience is very immersive.” says Mark. “It offers a unique opportunity to experience dementia – aspects such as sensory overload and difficulty with fine motor skills are brought to life. It’s invaluable in gaining first-person experience and gives people a deeper understanding of the challenges being faced by a loved one or someone they provide care for.”

On the 13th of August at the Kenward Trust, we invite you to step onto the tour bus, put on the specialised goggles, and embrace an altered reality. Sensory challenges, distorted vision, and disorienting noise—this is more than just an experience; it’s a crucial lesson in empathy and care. The Virtual Dementia Experience is a learning tool endorsed by medical research, offering practical insights.

The understanding gained from the tour not only enhances the support we offer but also equips family members with the knowledge to support their connection and care for their loved ones. This event takes place on 13th August 2024 at our Kenward Trust-based offices in Yalding. Along with our own Care Professionals, local family carers, family members, and anyone eager to better understand the everyday realities of dementia are invited to attend.

Spaces are limited, and tickets are available for just £60 each. To secure your place on this transformative journey and for more details, visit Home Instead Maidstone Virtual Dementia Tour.

Be part of a difference-making experience—for your loved ones or your clients, and yourself. We look forward to welcoming you to the Virtual Dementia Tour.

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