From Your First Phone Call: Tailored Home Care with Home Instead Maidstone

Discover the step-by-step process Home Instead Maidstone follows to arrange personalised home care, from the very first phone call.

Organising and determining the best home care solution can often seem daunting, especially when seeking support for yourself or a loved one. At Home Instead in Maidstone, as a CQC rated Outstanding home care provider, we’re dedicated to demystifying this process, ensuring that from the moment you call us, you feel supported, understood, and confident in the care journey ahead. Here’s a glimpse into how we tailor our home care services, ensuring each step is handled with professionalism, warmth, and a personal touch.

1. Initial Enquiry: Your First Step Towards Personalised Care

Your home care journey usually begins with a simple phone call to our Home Instead Maidstone office in Yalding. During this initial conversation, we discuss your needs, concerns, and any specific requirements you may have. This is a crucial step in understanding how we can best support you, laying the groundwork for a care solution that aligns with your expectations and lifestyle.

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Initial Enquiry

“My mother-in-law needed help, so I offered to find a company that wasn't just a good caregiver, but an outstanding one. So using the CQC website, I began my search in her local area. It wasn't difficult narrowing it down, outstanding isn't common. After speaking to three companies, Home Instead (Maidstone) was by far the most engaging, most interested in my requirements, and my mother-in-law's needs.”

Daughter in Law of client, 5 Star Review

2. Care Consultation: Understanding Your Unique Needs

Following your enquiry, we arrange a care consultation at your convenience with one of our dedicated local team. This one-hour visit is more than just an assessment; it’s an opportunity for us to meet your loved one and find out more about their needs, routine, hobbies, and interests. Conducted in the comfort of your own home, this consultation ensures we grasp the full picture, enabling us to tailor our services to match the unique personality and preferences of those we care for.

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Care consultation

3. Matching Process: Finding Your Perfect Care Professional

One of the aspects that sets Home Instead Maidstone apart is our careful matching process. We believe that care goes beyond just meeting physical needs; it’s about connection, shared interests, and enjoyment. Based on the insights gathered during the consultation, we match your loved one with a Care Professional who may share similar hobbies and interests, ensuring that the care and companionship experience is enriching and fulfilling for both parties.

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Matching Care Professionals

4. Your Care Plan: A Blueprint for Personalised Care

The culmination of our initial discussions and consultation is the creation of a bespoke Care Plan. This document is not just a schedule of services; it’s a comprehensive document that includes everything from daily routines to personal preferences and how to handle specific care needs including medications. It serves as a blueprint for delivering care that respects the individuality and dignity of each person we support.

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Bespoke Care Plan

5. Flexibility and Assurance: Adapting to Your Changing Needs

We understand that needs can evolve, and flexibility is key to providing effective care. At Home Instead, we work to ensure that changes to the schedule can be made with notice, and we are always prepared to arrange cover if your Care Professional is unable to make the scheduled care visit. Our commitment is to your continuous, uninterrupted care, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family.

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Flexibility and Assurance

“Everything about the care received was outstanding. My aunt was treated with dignity, gentleness and respect. It was made clear from the beginning that decisions about her care were for her to make rather than to be imposed on her by others.”

Niece of client,
5 Star Review

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At Home Instead Maidstone, we’re not just providing care; we’re building relationships and fostering environments where older adults can thrive in the comfort of their homes. If you’re considering home care services, please call our friendly local team on 01622 873414.