Dementia Virtual Experience Bus at Home Instead

Last month, many of our team took part in the dementia bus virtual experience - and in August sessions are open to the public

Seeing a loved one face the challenges of dementia can be tough, and it’s only natural to do whatever you can to help. Doing your research on the condition is a good place to start. But even with reams of information and the latest research findings, how can you really empathise with someone experiencing cognitive decline? AT Home Instead Maidenhead, Henley & Wallingford, we recently arranged for 30 of our Care Professional team to take part in this virtual experience. They found the session extremely insightful and it will be helpful for them going forward and supporting clients of our who are living with dementia. And in August, everyone has the opportunity to take part in Training2CAREs virtual dementia experience as the bus in coming back on Friday 30th. Aug. at Home Instead Maidenhead, Henley & Wallingford’s offices at Castle End Business Park in Ruscombe, RG10 9XQ.

The experience is a scientifically and medically proven way of replicating dementia. Taking part involves wearing goggles, headphones and spiky insoles. You are then asked to perform various tasks, but with a twist. Distorted vision, loud noises and sensory overload all recreate what it can be like to have dementia. Suddenly, those everyday tasks we take for granted aren’t so simple. This can sometimes prove emotional to see just how tough life can be for those living with the illness. If you would like to talk this through before you book, please call Paddy on 01628 299097, our Learning & Development Manager and he can discuss the experience with you.

Online bookings can be made via the following link Sessions cost £60 per person which includes the immersive experience and a 1hr. debrief. Home Instead are providing local space for the bus, free parking for guests, refreshments and our training room for the debrief session. All costs for the event are to Training2CARE–we are providing our facilities free of charge to them for the benefit of the local community. The aim is to help bridge the gap between those living with the condition and their loved ones, giving them a deeper understanding of the challenges they face. First-hand experience of what it’s like to live with dementia is what really helps people gain an understanding. It’s so important that people and communities as a whole become “dementia friendly”, having a greater awareness of the issues many may feel living with the condition. There is a long way to go in achieving this, but things are certainly changing, and we’re delighted to be part of the movement.

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