Top 5 Benefits for seniors spending time outside

There are many benefits to spending time outside, here's the top 5 benefits for seniors

18.6% of the UK are over the age of 65. With people generally living longer these days spending time in green space is more important than ever. Here are the top 5 benefits for seniors spending time outside.

Boosts your vitamin D
Vitamin D is essential in later life to absorb calcium you cannot store it so important spend time outside. It can help relieve pain muscles, and inflammation and is also directly related to an improved immune system and a more positive outlook. Simply spend a minimum of 15 minutes of time each day to boost your vitamin D levels.

Can help cognitive function
Being outdoors has been shown to increase cognitive function. Part of the reason for this is just being outside it can allow your brain to relax and provides you with a break from everyday stress.

Can help improve sleep
Just by taking a daytime walk, the natural light, and of course, light exercise can help you get to sleep faster and benefit your sleep quality.

Improves mental health
It is very easy for seniors to get stuck in a rut daily. As well as the physical effects of nature it also supports mental health. Being outside can improve mood, increase happiness and reduce any anxiety.

Improved cardiovascular system
Keeping your heart healthy by doing light exercise such as walking can also lower your blood pressure and reduce high cholesterol levels.

Two people sitting on a metal bench around a large tree trunk in a park, smiling and enjoying nature. - Home Instead