Live -in Care - Mr Tom's Story

At Home Instead our aim is to help people age positively at home, where they feel most comfortable. One of the ways in which we do this is through our live-in care service when a trained care professional (or two or three on rotation) lives in a client’s home to provide all the necessary care and companionship to enjoy a high quality of life.

At Home Instead Medway, this service has been invaluable to one of their clients, Thomas Hopkins, or ‘Mr Tom’ as he likes to be known. Having just turned 99, Mr. Tom’s life changed dramatically with the introduction of a live-in care professional, allowing him to continue doing the special things he likes to do.

Born and raised in London, Mr Tom worked as a marketing officer for the electricity company Seeboard and lived with his wife Lyndall. However, when Lyndall was diagnosed with dementia in later life, Mr Tom lovingly cared for her at their home until he could no longer do it on his own. Lyndall moved into a care home but Mr Tom made the trip to visit her everyday!

Following the death of his wife, Mr Tom lived alone but in more recent years met a lady called Muriel with whom he struck up quite the friendship. However, he relied heavily on her for help with shopping and general day to day needs, and this began to take its toll on Muriel who had her own health issues.

Eventually, Mr Tom got in touch with Home Instead Medway in February 2023 when he was admitted to hospital after having a fall on his way to get some shopping. Realising at this point he wasn’t managing well, he asked for our support. We began our journey with Mr Tom with visits three times a day, helping to get his confidence back, supporting him with meals and offering companionship through playing his favourite game, ‘four in a row’, helping Mr. Tom build a great relationship with his care professionals of whom he felt were more like daughters to him than his carers.

However, over time it became apparent that Mr Tom wasn’t coping too well in between visits, having suffered a number of falls which left him feeling very anxious. This is when our live-in care service became an option and a trial was agreed.

Changing lives with Live-in care

Day to day, Mr Tom’s live-in care professional Mimi, always makes sure he’s washed and ready for the day ahead of him, preparing three healthy meals each day and being a source of great reassurance and companionship.

Mr Tom commented: “My life has changed dramatically since having my live-in care professional Mimi. I no longer feel anxious about being alone or falling as I have the reassurance that someone is always at home with me.”

Not only this, but the support of a live-in care professional has meant a change for Mr Tom and Muriel’s friendship too. Having this level of care in place has meant that the time they spend together is quality rather than Muriel completing care tasks for him. It also means that the pair can look forward to their Sundays together, where Mimi assists Mr Tom to get dressed in his best and enjoy Sunday dinner and Songs of Praise with Muriel. Mr Tom will often take her chocolates and flowers to make it extra special, as the romantic and true gentleman that he is!

Muriel commented: “I can only say Home Instead have been fabulous with the care and support given to Mr Tom. With Mimi as a live-in care professional, their bond is so strong and at the age of 99, Mr Tom looks so well, all thanks to Mimi’s loving care!”

To find out more about Home Instead’s live-in care service visit – Live-in Care In Your Own Home  or call 03300 583450 and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

99th Birthday January 2024